How do I connect headphones to my phone? How to set up wired and wireless headphones on Android?


Today, headphones are an integral part of the life of any smartphone owner. This statement especially applies to young people. The headset allows you to receive calls without taking your phone out of your pocket, which is very pleasant in winter. Headphones for phones are especially popular with drivers. With them, there is no need to let go of the steering wheel to pick up the phone, besides, talking on the phone while driving in many countries around the world is prohibited.

Instructions for connecting headphones

Modern headphones for smartphones are a specialized audio headset through which you can not only listen to music, but also receive incoming calls. The built-in microphone, despite its miniature size, clearly transmits sound information.

Modern headsets for phones are classified according to their technical characteristics . But first of all , the connection method is considered:

  • Wired headphones. They are connected to the phone via a mini jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm.
  • Wireless headphones . A headset of this kind connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth technology.

Also, headphones are divided by form factor . Wireless models are fixed on one ear.

Wired devices have a standard droplet or vacuum headphone shape . The model is not very common in society, as it requires a lot of battery power. Most often they are used to connect to a PC, laptop or TV. But this does not mean that they cannot be used to connect to a smartphone. Moreover, the Android OS assumes the use of a headset of different designs.

In general, connecting a headset to a phone is not difficult. Each individual headphone model comes with instructions. Wired models just need to be connected via a mini jack to a special connector on a smartphone. But to connect wireless headphones, you need to establish a Bluetooth connection.


The process of connecting wired headphones to your phone is very simple. First of all, you need to inspect your smartphone.

Most often, the headphone connection is located next to the charging connector.

Today there are 2 options for connecting a wired headset:

  • Micro USB . This connection method is used for many operations with the phone, such as charging or transferring data. It is also suitable for connecting headphones.
  • Mini jack with a standard size of 3.5 mm. This type of connector is the most popular. Through it, you can connect not only a headset, but also stereo equipment, namely front, stationary and portable speakers.

To make the wireless headset active, it is enough to connect its plug to the corresponding jack . The smartphone instantly detects the connection of a new device and starts transmitting sound only to the headphones.


The process of connecting wireless headphones is a little more complicated. Today, there are several ways to connect them to a smartphone. The distance between devices should not be more than 10 m. Premium models assume support at a distance of 100 m. The basic pairing method can be found in the manuals of the headphones themselves and the phone:

  1. Before connecting the headphones, you need to activate them
  2. After the headphones are turned on, you need to go to the Bluetooth section through the Smartphone Settings Menu. Most often, it is among the first from the general list of settings.
  3. After selecting the line "Bluetooth", you need to move the slider to the "on" position
  4. Next, a window appears on the smartphone screen with a search for new devices
  5. In the list that appears, you need to find the name of the headset
  6. To pair, you will need to enter a code. Most often it is 0000.

If the bluetooth headset is used only for talking on the phone, it will be impossible to listen to music through it. However, the developers of the Android operating system managed to find a way out of such situations. They have created a special "Bluetooth Router" application that is available to all users on the PlayMarket platform. After downloading this utility, you need to connect Bluetooth on the audio headset and smartphone, then follow the standard pairing procedure and only then launch the program to install the router.

How to setup

Connecting headphones to a smartphone is one thing, but setting up a headset is a completely different matter. Before proceeding with the standard operation of wired headphones on smartphones with Android OS, it is necessary to determine the compatibility of the devices:

  1. You want to view the headset resistance reading . It is indicated in ohms. Its digital value is located on the headset packaging. The ideal option for smartphones are headphones with an impedance of 16-32 ohms. Some models of smartphones can contact the headset with a resistance range of 50-64 ohms. Modern smartphone models do not have an amplifier. If you connect a headset with a high impedance level to your smartphone, the sound will be faint and indistinct.
  2. It is necessary to clarify the type of connection . In this case, the options for audio jack trs and trrs are considered. In simple terms, trs is a regular audio jack with a diameter of 3.5 mm, and trrs is a mini jack of a standard size, which has an additional contact for transmitting a microphone signal. A good headset often comes with a balanced cable and balanced jack that look like a plug in appearance. However, you cannot connect them to the phone.
  3. Volume check . If the headphone specifications match smartphones and the sound is quiet when connected, you should check the volume level for applications. This feature is present in all phones with the Android operating system. For each individual application, you can set its own volume. The player is most likely set to a low sound rate.
  4. It is necessary to test the headphones by calling . If you can hear the interlocutor well during the conversation, there is no interference, then the headphones fit perfectly and went through the required setting. If suddenly there is no sound, you should check the serviceability of the audio jack or the microcircuit operating the sound effects of the phone.
  5. After connecting the headphones, you need to check if the smartphone has recognized the new device. Quite often, when a headset is connected, a headphone icon appears at the top of the phone's operating panel. If it does not appear, then you need to check the tightness of the plug into the connector. As an additional check of the functionality of the purchased headset, you must take other headphones with the same type of connection. If the other headset works perfectly, then the purchased headphones are defective.
  6. After checking the fit of the headphones and determining that the headset is working, you need to proceed to the sound setting. To do this, you can use a standard equalizer or an additional application corresponding to the operating system. It's worth noting that third-party apps are the best customization option for smartphone users. They can be used to change the general nature of the playback of sounds, increase the standard maximum volume, add bass and much more.

But the owners of a wireless headset for smartphones with the Android operating system are doubly lucky:

  1. A wireless headset is most convenient for continuous use, although it requires timely recharging.
  2. Setting up these headphones is much easier. There are practically no problems when connecting them.

To set up a wireless headset, you must turn on Bluetooth and use the system equalizer of your smartphone . You can also download a third-party application that matches your headset type. With him it will be possible to establish not only the general configuration, but also various sound effects.

Every headphone user needs to remember that prolonged listening to music at high volume can damage your hearing and cause the headset to malfunction.

Possible mistakes

When connecting a wired headset, problems are extremely rare. Modern users don't even look at the instruction manual. With her, everything is extremely simple and understandable. But when pairing wireless headphones via Bluetooth technology, some difficulties may arise:

  1. A common mistake of smartphone users when pairing a bluetooth headset is the disabled visibility of the smartphone to other devices. You just need to disable this parameter.
  2. The lack of connection between the headset and the smartphone may be due to the mismatch of the Bluetooth versions. This is, of course, extremely rare. But to solve this issue, only updating the wireless technology on either one or both devices will help.
  3. After pairing, most gadgets remain connected until one of the devices is reset to factory settings. However, some phones will still require re-pairing with the headset on subsequent connections.

A detailed overview of connecting wireless headphones to your phone is presented in the following video: