Do-it-yourself gazebo from a profile pipe (56 photos) construction drawings, how to make a frame from a profile from a metal profile

A gazebo in a suburban area has long ceased to be a gimmick; almost all hacienda owners are trying to make this simple building. It not only serves as a decorative element, but also is a place where all family members spend a lot of free time in favorable weather, they dine and cook in it. It is worth considering in more detail such a simple and practical invention as a do-it-yourself gazebo from a profile pipe and drawings of its structures.


A gazebo on a suburban area in most cases is a canopy with a roof and half-open walls, equipped with benches. In addition to these indispensable details, there is an internal table, a stove or barbecue, flower beds and climbing plants, glazing and other pleasant details - it all depends on the imagination and capabilities of the owners of the cottage.

A frame made of a profile pipe for such a street building can have the following advantages:

    • it is durable and resistant to deformation, mechanical damage;
    • the metal used for the profile is durable;
    • the construction of such a gazebo can be cheaper than from natural wood and even more from natural stone;
    • metal profile, due to the simplicity of processing, allows you to create any complex structures;
    • in the future, the metal frame can be sheathed with wood, plastic, polycarbonate, and other materials.

    The metal profile is susceptible to corrosion, but this defect can be easily corrected by painting its surface with any paint of your choice or by treating it with a protective putty.

    For the manufacture of such gazebos, hollow pipes are usually taken, having a rectangular or square section in profile, made of ordinary or galvanized steel. The dimensions and thickness of the walls can be different, the main thing is to calculate that the whole structure can withstand the weight of the roof and other hinged elements. Bearing profiles usually have a larger cross-section, and lintels are thinner.

    The advantages of metal profiles are also that they are hollow, that is, with sufficient strength, they have a low weight. When assembled, the elements provide an even distribution of loads on all sections of the structure and on elements associated with it. It is easy to cut a rectangular profile, drill holes in it, mate, make the necessary details. It should be borne in mind that when creating reliable arbors from a profile pipe, welding may be needed.


    The availability of material and ease of processing allow you to create many interesting projects of gazebos from a shaped pipe. They differ significantly in appearance, but the drawings of the supporting frames are approximately the same.

    One of the simplest examples is a project of a gazebo in the shape of a square in profile with a height of 2.7 m. Due to its small size, such a structure can be installed even in a tiny summer cottage, nevertheless, it is a full-fledged recreation area that can be equipped with a waterproof roof, equipped with walls, protecting from wind and rain.

    Hollow beams with a section of 80x80 mm and a wall thickness of 2.5 mm are taken as bearing profiles. For partitions, roofs, fences and benches, you can take thinner metal slats, for example, 20x50 mm.

    There are two options for installing this design. If it is placed on open ground, then a strip foundation must be laid under its racks. Under 4 bearing supports, pits are pulled out slightly wider than the profiles themselves, and are filled with concrete. Another option is if the gazebo will stand on a solid base, such as paving slabs or concrete slabs. Then the foundation is not required, the structure itself will be stable enough so as not to collapse under a strong wind.

    Vertical bearing racks are connected by horizontal bridges in 3 - 4 rows on three sides of the gazebo, in the fourth of the thin slats a doorway is made. One side of the square is a little over two meters wide. The top of the base is also fastened with jumpers, the roof is made four-pitched and symmetrical. Welding is used to connect all the elements, after assembling the entire structure, it can be sheathed with any material you like: wood, plywood, chipboard or plastic, the roof can be covered with metal tiles, slate or ondulin.

    An interesting project is a portable gazebo made of a profile pipe with dimensions of 1920x1660 mm and a height of 2300 mm.

    You can easily assemble it in 1 day, and place it anywhere , if necessary, transfer it to any convenient place. To reduce the weight, profile pipes 20x40 mm with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm are taken from galvanized steel. The semicircular roof rests on two arc profiles, it can be covered with transparent polycarbonate on top, and if you want shade, you can use a metal profile sheet.

    For benches in such a gazebo with a semicircular roof, you can take polished boards, painted or varnished; to facilitate the whole structure, it is better to use plastic seats. In order to be able to lean on, it is worth adding comfortable backs to the side. In the middle of the gazebo there is a table at which several people can freely fit. The whole structure is designed in such a way that it can be easily carried by hand: two or three.

    Recently, hexagonal or octagonal covered gazebos created in the Finnish style have gained immense popularity in our country . In the central part, they can have a brick oven for internal heating and cooking, the chimney is led out through the center of the pitched roof. The walls of such buildings are solid, solid, can be additionally insulated, inside it is possible to carry out electric lighting. The semblance of a Finnish gazebo can also be created in your suburban area using a metal frame.

    The drawing of the frame of the Finnish style hexagonal gazebo is very simple, it includes only a few metal elements.

    For bearing supports, profiles of 100x100 mm should be selected, which are recessed into the ground and poured with concrete under the columnar foundation. The height from the bottom to the base of the roof can be from 1200 to 1500 mm, the roof slabs consist of 50x50 mm profiles. For additional rigidity, side walls are fastened with horizontal bridges from thinner pipes, then the frames of the fence, internal benches, and the doorway are built up.

    All work on cutting profiles and welding the frame of a hexagonal arbor is carried out in one day. Then you can think of what kind of roofing and finishing material to use and start arranging it. It is good to install such solid buildings on a solid foundation, pour a concrete floor under them or lay them with curb tiles. The advantage is that in the future such a gazebo can be modernized as much as you like: build a stone oven with an oven inside, make glazing, lay a brick on the bottom, and so on.

    The project of a large rectangular arbor with a gable roof is original.

    The option is open, but if desired, such a drawing can be changed, and the walls can be closed to the maximum with any available material. For vertical posts, the same hollow profiles 50x50 mm are used, the lower part and the roof are fastened with horizontal and inclined lintels. Inclined slopes allow rainwater to drain and provide good shade. Various materials can be used as a roof covering: slate, ondulin, profile galvanized sheet.

    The internal space of such a gazebo allows you to freely place there an oven with a brazier, a barbecue, a corner for cooking, a dining table with benches. The roof can be equipped in such a way that a chimney or an exhaust hood exits through it. The structure itself is best installed on a concrete base, it is worthwhile to mark in advance and prepare the pouring site, a columnar foundation for the bearing metal supports of the gazebo. After installing the floor and supporting structures, you can connect the rest of the necessary elements, equip the roof, make beautiful fences and benches, and other decor details.


    The frame made of a profile pipe itself has many advantages; it is strong, non-combustible, durable, but does not have a pleasant appearance. Therefore, after creating the base, you need to start the decor. There are a huge number of design options for gazebos in the country, the main thing is to show your imagination and bring your ideas to life.

    First of all, the profile can be painted.

    The metal surface does not have a natural pleasant shade , in addition, it is prone to corrosion, which over time will give an even more unfavorable appearance. For painting, water-resistant, water-based brands are used - oil, acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, aerosol. The main requirement is that they be resistant to sunlight, water, temperature extremes. As for the color, here you need to choose such shades so that they blend harmoniously with the rest of the gazebo decor details.

    The metal frame is successfully combined with forged or welded gratings, which, when made by craftsmen, can be real works of art. They can be used to equip fences around the perimeter, the space under the roof, the doorway. Other elements of decor and everyday life can be made of metal: benches, tables, trash cans and flower beds, barbecue.

    The only negative is that metal parts significantly increase the weight of the gazebo.

    Polished, varnished wood will always work well with the dark texture of the metal. In addition to gazebos from shaped pipes, it can be used to make internal benches with backs, tabletops, flower beds, tables. For fixing solid wood planks to metal, threaded bolts with nuts or anchors can be used. For decoration, it is good to use wooden platbands, fences, carved skates under the roof.

    The most popular types of wood for arranging metal arbors are pine, beech, oak, birch. The wood must be well dried, polished and covered with a clear varnish. Strong and lightweight wooden structures reduce the overall weight of the gazebo, it sags less on the ground, and if it is portable, it is easier to move it to another place.

    Polycarbonate has recently become a very popular material for arranging metal arbors.

    It is a multilayer profiled sheet made of polymer materials, lightweight and easy to process. Attaches to profiles with bolts or screws, just as easily removable. Polycarbonate is a transparent or translucent material, usually colorless, but there are various color options. If you want to make more natural light inside the gazebo, then a roof made of this material is the most suitable option.

    A single-pitched or gable roof on a gazebo made of a shaped pipe can be equipped with sheets of colored corrugated board. It is a wonderful lightweight material that is not afraid of moisture and deformation. It is possible to choose any color, with such a roof the gazebo will always look harmonious. Colored metal roofing tiles are also very popular; they can also close a hexagonal arbor. Metal sheets are simply attached to the roof frame, and it is easy to cut a piece of the desired size and shape from them, and they will last more than one season.

    The design of the gazebo will look very impressive if you provide the frame with climbing plants. It is very simple to make a lattice or a guide pole from metal rods; place flower beds at the base of any available material: stone, brick, wood. After several seasons, you can achieve a stunning hedge of dense thickets, which will provide shade within the building.


    It is very easy to make a garden gazebo from a profile pipe with your own hands due to the cheapness of the material and the availability of tools. To begin with, it is worthwhile to distribute all the stages of this work step by step. On our personal plot, we choose a place for future construction, it should be as even as possible with stable dry soil. It will be useful to choose a location relative to the sun, walkways, noise sources. The place for the gazebo should be comfortable.

    Then a design drawing is developed with dimensions, preferably in two or three projections, from which it will be seen how much material and fasteners must be prepared. If the gazebo is stationary, then a flat platform and a place for pouring the foundation are immediately prepared. For support racks from a professional pipe, it is enough to fill in a columnar with a maximum depth of 0.5 m.

    Filling holes are dug by hand or with a garden drill, a mixture of sand and Portland cement can be used as a solution, crushed stone, gravel, and small stones can be used to strengthen it.

    The main support posts from the metal profile are fixed to the foundation. After that, you need to make and assemble a frame from metal elements.

    To work you need the following tools:

      • drill with drills for metal;
      • Bulgarian;
      • tape measure and marker;
      • screws and bolts for metal;
      • welding machine.

      All profiles are measured and cut in accordance with the dimensions in the drawings, then it is necessary to weld the frame of the side walls, roof supports and other metal elements. After assembling the iron base, they proceed to finishing, arrangement and decor.

      You can sheathe the wall and roof with any of the available materials: profiled sheet, polycarbonate, plywood, wood.

      Other tools may be needed here:

        • hacksaw for wood;
        • painting knife;
        • screwdriver;
        • nails;
        • self-tapping screws.

        It all depends on the planned project for arranging the gazebo.

        It is very easy to build a cozy and beautiful gazebo from shaped pipes and then decorate it with any decor, the main thing is to have the desire, patience and a little experience in construction work.

        Beautiful examples

        An elegant and very easy to assemble hexagonal structure with wooden benches, table and plank floor. It can be equipped with additional elements.

        A gazebo made of a shaped tube with a roof and walls made of transparent polycarbonate.

        A beautiful structure with a metal roof and wood decor. It is suitable for any suburban area.

        Arbor made of profiled pipes with wrought iron decorative elements.

        Elegant painted profile construction with table and benches, upholstered in colored polycarbonate.

        For information on how to build a gazebo from a shaped pipe yourself, see the next video.