Types of blinds (55 photos): what are on plastic windows, description of types, combination with curtains in the room

Everyone dreams of decorating their home in a beautiful and original way. There was always one choice for decorating windows - curtains. However, today another invention, convenient, practical, functional and very beautiful, has become a serious competitor - blinds. There are different types of blinds today.

What it is?

Blinds are a structure of adjustable lamellas designed to create the most comfortable conditions: protection from bright sunlight and uniform distribution of air and heat flows. In the interior of a modern room, they play an important role in creating harmony and integrity of the design composition. Environmentally friendly, comfortable and practical, being in constant dynamics of development and improvement, acquiring more and more functions and possibilities - they have long left traditional curtains and tulles only with the mission of decorative elements.

You will learn more about what types of blinds exist on the modern market in the following video.

What types of systems are there?

The market today offers a wide variety of blinds.


Horizontal (or "Venetian curtains") are recognized as classics and are the most in demand. The construction here is simple, its description will not take much time. It consists of a set of strips, which are arranged horizontally, held together with cords and suspended from the upper cornice. With the help of these cords, all the planks can be rotated simultaneously, adjusting the required lighting in the room. Distinguish between internal and interframe structures.

The varieties of products of this type include rolled, Roman versions, lamellas, pleats, zebra curtains.

Horizontal blinds are usually made of durable, inexpensive materials: plastic, aluminum. They have a number of positive qualities:

  • affordable price;
  • practicality;
  • durability;
  • preservation for a long time of the original presentable appearance;
  • the ability not to absorb surrounding odors;
  • high heat dissipation, ideal for rooms with high humidity levels;
  • the ability to adjust lighting and visibility;
  • the mechanism for controlling the opening-closing process is simple and convenient to use;
  • horizontal arrangement and the correct choice of the width of the slats will help to visually expand the space;
  • ease of care (wash with a cloth, brush, vacuum cleaner).

All these advantages are great for offices, businesses, and various institutions.


Vertical blinds appeared later, when there was a desire to make "modern curtains" in their home, so they breathe coziness and modernity with a touch of tradition.

The strips are arranged vertically here and are fixed on the cornice with special fasteners. From below they are connected by a chain or cord.

Constructions of this type have their own characteristics and advantages:

  • go well with arches, large windows, sliding doors; are able to make any interior cozy and complete;
  • a convenient control mechanism is capable of turning the slats around its axis at the angle you need, as well as pushing the slats to the sides, which allows you to create different degrees of illumination in the room;
  • you can move them apart, like the curtains, using a cord;
  • choice of control options: collect to the right, left, to the center, from the center;
  • the vertical arrangement of the slats prevents the collection of dust and dirt, moreover, it visually increases the height of the room;
  • the ability to wash in a washing machine;
  • reliability, convenience, ease of use.

Photo blinds

Photo blinds are a novelty that has replenished the decor market not so long ago, but at the same time it is actively gaining popularity among lovers of everything extraordinary and interesting.

The creation of such an exclusive requires accuracy and precision. Using thermal printing technology, the image is applied to a substrate - usually fabric. However, before doing this, a special program calculates the overlap of the planks. Next, the canvas is cut into lamellas and fastened. Subject to all the rules and nuances, the drawing on the resulting product will be assembled smoothly, without distortion.

The paint is protected from fading by a special layer, which allows the unique creation to shine with its novelty for a long time. Image options are endless. The customer can use ready-made design options or offer his own version.

Such an original design will make an ordinary window opening a real masterpiece of art, which will attract admiring glances of passers-by, if the drawing is applied to the outside, and cheer up all the inhabitants of the house, if vice versa.

The variety of subjects of images makes them suitable for any room and, in addition to aesthetic properties, adds practical ones. If you apply fragments of your favorite cartoons on the photo blinds in the nursery, your baby will really like it, soothe him and cheer him up. In the bedroom, a relaxation image will come in handy. Office window opening is perfect for placing attractive advertisements, company logo.

There are a lot of options. However, when choosing, one important principle should work: harmonious combination with the rest of the decor elements and compliance with the general style of an apartment or office.

Ease of installation, change of images, care, practicality, indescribable effect predict a great future for photo blinds.


Thanks to modern technologies, horizontal blinds fit well into the construction of windows between the sashes, which makes them protected from dirt, dust, precipitation. This does not compromise the functionality of the windows.

Fasteners are made directly between the frames. Such products can be installed in both wooden and plastic windows; this is an excellent option for a partition in an office.

Made of durable polyester fiber, the curtains are very easy to clean. Their distinctive features are compactness, ergonomics, invisibility, and aesthetics.


Non-standard windows in the form of an arch are becoming more and more popular not only in offices and country cottages, but also in summer cottages and apartments. Perhaps many people want to move away from the same type and emphasize their individuality. There was a need to focus on the shape of the window. If there is demand, there will be supply. The designers have created arched blinds that are designed to emphasize the originality of this home.

The design here consists of two parts: a semicircular one, reminiscent of a gracefully open fan, and a standard rectangular one. Both pieces are usually made in the same color (and style), which emphasizes the harmony and elegance of the composition.

The most flawless option here is pleated blinds.

They effectively emphasize the shape of the window, are able to keep their shape perfectly, are easy to operate and maintain.


All the originality of design fantasies allows to bring to life dynamically developing advanced technologies and developments. New items in this area are constantly replacing one another.

A new development in the field of decor is multi-textured blinds. This is a multi-level structure made of fabric and plastic, between which various decorative elements of different colors and textures are inserted. All this together forms a bright and unique pattern or ornament.

The new look is distinguished by a variety of shapes, shades, textures, combining which, you can create the most incredible and unpredictable compositions - or gentle ones, suitable for romantic persons. ...

Probably, many dream of creating a small island of their dreams in their home, which will fill with energy and positive every day.

With all the incredible capabilities of multi-textured blinds, they are easy to install, maintain and operate.

There are many types of blinds-curtains: Roman, pleated, mansard, roller, protective, cassette and others. Each of the types has its own nuances and advantages.


This type is suitable for people who cannot make a choice between traditional curtains and modern window decoration. By ordering vertical multi-textured blinds of the desired color, you will receive a unique thing: in appearance it will be curtains, but with a large set of functionality. Or another approach: a harmonious combination of a modern version and classic curtains.

This way your feelings and desires will be satisfied.

Types by materials

The range of materials for the manufacture of blinds is quite extensive:

  • The most practical and popular is aluminum . Aluminum structures are durable, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, practical, not very demanding to maintain, inexpensive. Such a wide range of benefits has allowed aluminum blinds to decorate the windows of most offices, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and other institutions.
  • Plastic is a little inferior to aluminum : it is resistant to deformation, durable, inexpensive, not afraid of moisture. Plastic products are chosen in rooms with a high level of humidity: swimming pools, saunas, bathrooms.
  • The tree is gorgeous, solid, environmentally friendly , warm, comfortable, durable, durable, expensive.
  • The fabric is the most familiar and therefore attractive and popular. There are different densities, textures, colors. The most acceptable option remains polyester - due to its strength, resistance to fading, ability to easily clean.

Methods and mechanisms of control

There are several ways to control the process of opening or closing the blinds:

  • Manual or rope (using a chain or cord), semi-automatic, when a spring is hidden inside the shaft, with the help of which a person's effort is reduced when lifting curtains.
  • There is also an automatic (electric) method.Although this option is expensive, it can dramatically simplify the operation of the structure. Sometimes it is the only control option. The process is carried out using a powerful electric drive installed inside the shaft and placed in the cornice. The electrically driven system allows you to more accurately set the degree of illumination you need, as well as control processes without spending time and effort. The control program has many options for action: the blinds can be opened in all rooms at once, only in one, simultaneously opened in one, and closed in another, and so on. The control center of an automated system can be a remote control, a button or a set timer. The control program has many options for action: the blinds can be opened in all rooms at once, only in one room, simultaneously in one room,and in the other close - and so on.

The control center of an automated system can be a remote control, a button or a set timer.

Mounting options

Attach blinds directly to the window or outside it - to the frame or wall. Only horizontal blinds can be attached to each window sash, while vertical ones are attached to the window opening. Various options can be attached to the ceiling.

Structures are fastened with brackets, screws or drilled holes.

Features of choice for plastic and wooden windows

The difference between plastic windows and others lies in their special design, which allows them to open in different planes. Therefore, for them you need to choose certain blinds: so that they do not interfere, do not dangle and harmoniously fit into the overall picture.

All these requirements are met by blinds that are mounted directly into the window sash. For example, it can be cassette blinds. With them, all actions with the window can be carried out together with the curtains.

When choosing a model for a plastic window, focus on your own comfort and convenience.

Almost all types of blinds are suitable for wooden window sashes. Therefore, the choice depends solely on your taste and style. The only nuance that designers pay attention to is the natural materials of the products, which can once again emphasize luxury and solidity.

Beautiful design solutions for the room

A huge variety of types, colors, materials, trendy design allowed the blinds to take an important place in the interior of any apartment, house, room, room:

  • A combination of protective and decorative qualities, ease of use and practicality, as well as trendy design and a variety of materials.
  • Wooden products matching the color of furniture are very popular in classic interiors.
  • The young residents of the apartment will love the colored aluminum models.
  • Large windows of the chic living room will adequately decorate horizontal blinds, combined with Japanese curtains.
  • Neat vertical curtains in pastel colors will have a pacifying effect on you in the bedroom.
  • Multicolored wavy products will cheer up little owners of nurseries. The originality of the design, the combination of harmony and functionality, the possibility of combining with other components of the decor allowed the blinds to become a good alternative to traditional curtains.