How do I connect my phone to a Philips TV via Wi-Fi? Connection, TV control via phone via Wi-Fi

Modern models of both smartphones and TVs are equipped with a variety of functions. Each of these two devices is unique and irreplaceable in everyday life. The phone helps to provide its user with everything necessary on the go: communication, Internet, camera, video filming and other useful programs. Television also allows you to brighten up your leisure time or provide the observer with important information on a widescreen screen.

Unfortunately, not all owners are aware that a smartphone and a TV can work in tandem, and it is quite easy to synchronize their work. This article will show you how to sync your Philips phone and TV using Wi-Fi.

When is it needed?

Connecting the phone to the TV provides the opportunity to use all the options of the smartphone in wide format. When these two devices interact with each other, the following actions become available:

  • viewing files stored in the phone's memory on the TV screen;
  • launching applications and games available on the smartphone;
  • large-scale viewing of the necessary information on the Internet;
  • creation of presentations.

In addition, the phone can be an excellent replacement for a remote control that is broken and cannot be fixed anytime soon.

Connection methods

There are several wireless methods that make it easy to connect your phone to your Philips TV.

Wi-Fi Direct

Connecting your phone to Smart TV via Wi-Fi Direct is considered one of the most practical options for synchronizing two devices, carried out by performing the following sequential manipulations:

  • open the phone settings and select a wireless connection;
  • activate Wi-Fi Direct;
  • open the TV menu and connect the Wi-Fi Direct function;
  • after scanning, the screen will display a list of devices from which you should select your smartphone;
  • after a connection request appears on the phone screen, confirm it.

After performing the above actions, the connection will be established, as a result of which the image from the smartphone will appear on the TV screen.


You can also control the TV from the phone screen thanks to the Miracast function. To implement this type of connection, you must:

  • activate Miracast in the smartphone settings;
  • perform the same actions in the TV menu.

After that, the connection will be established.


YouTube also allows two devices to work together. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • launch the YouTube application on your smartphone and go to the settings;
  • enable the Watch on TV option (if the settings are successfully completed, an instruction will be displayed describing the user's further actions);
  • launch YouTube on TV;
  • open the "Settings" tab and set the "Manual mode";
  • enter the code that appears in the smartphone field and click "Add";
  • among the devices that were found, select the model of your TV and confirm your consent to broadcast.

Media server

Before connecting your smartphone to a Philips TV using this method, you should check that both devices are connected to the same network and that they support DLNA or Miracast technology. Next, you should adhere to a certain sequence of actions:

  • download DLNA Server on your smartphone;
  • add a new server in the program menu;
  • in the line that appears, enter the designation Wi-Fi;
  • go to the "Root" section and select the folder you want to view;
  • save the actions taken;
  • find the appeared Media-server in the initial menu;
  • press "Start" to start it;
  • go to "Video" in the TV settings;
  • find the required server and select it (the screen will display the folders available for viewing, then run the required file).

Other programs

It is possible to connect a smartphone to a TV and thanks to special applications that work on the Mirroring principle, that is, the image from a smartphone is dubbed onto a wide screen TV.

In our case, these are:

  • Philips MyRemote is a program designed to control your Philips Smart LED TV without a remote control;
  • MirrorOP, iMediaShare is a special program with a clear and user-friendly interface, pop-up tips make it possible to connect devices in a matter of seconds.

Management recommendations

After reviewing the above information, you can see that it is very easy to pair your phone and Philips TV, and it does not take much time. However, before starting control, you must make sure that:

  • the TV belongs to the Smart TV category;
  • the control phone is fully charged.

How to connect your phone to a Philips TV via Wi-Fi, see below.