Closed porch for a private house (37 photos): design projects for the entrance of a country house terrace with glazing, glazed type of porch

Closed porch for a private house: design options

    Sooner or later, each person thinks about where to spend the weekend or one evening alone with himself or with his family and friends. The purchase of a country mansion or summer cottage is becoming more and more relevant in solving this issue. By purchasing this property, the owner begins to equip his home. Often, modifications begin with altering the porch.

    Currently, the types of porches are distinguished by originality, practicality, convenience, beauty and are ideally combined with the main structure, decorating it. Modern building materials are used for construction, they are selected taking into account the style of the house itself and serve for more than one year.

    If we talk about the practical side and convenience, it is better to choose a covered extension that will protect both in the rain and in the cold.


    All annexes differ from each other in size, shape, style, location to the main building. So, a small garden house is suitable for a small vestibule of a simple appearance, without frills. A medium-sized concrete structure is suitable for a house of standard sizes, and you can give it any shape, be it rectangular, square, trapezoidal, round or asymmetrical.

    But do not forget that the appearance of the porch is selected individually, in accordance with the overall design of the facade. The square and rectangular extension are clearer and add rigor, neatness, constancy to the house, but the round one - softness, comfort, romance.

    The porch can be partially or completely covered. Each option is slightly different in design and technical characteristics. So, a completely closed annex in all respects resembles a small room. This structure has a floor, walls, ceiling, entrance doors leading to a closed platform. A completely closed porch of a private house is more practical, but more complex in design.

    The semi-closed version has special pillars for support. In addition, handrails can be used for more convenience. It is not necessary to install doors with a semi-closed structure.

    There are many options for how you can build a vestibule, veranda or balcony, as well as building materials. Some people like a more environmentally friendly option and their choice falls on a beam or a board, others - a brick in combination with glass, while others are crazy about pillars with forged elements.

    If you choose concrete, then it can be finished and decorated in every way to your liking. Some firms offer the vestibule to be fully glazed, which adds style and at the same time comfort and transparency.

    Covered annex options

    Before starting the construction of the extension, evaluate all the nuances of the building itself - in what style it was built, from what materials, what foundation, windows, doors and whether there is an external finish of the building. All this must be taken into account when choosing a porch structure.

    So, you can perform the following options for extensions:

    • The traditional wooden option is budgetary and practical at the same time. The porch is installed on the foundation. The large-scale canopy protects the entrance from moisture penetration, even with open fragments in the upper part where the windows are installed. This version will look great with a wooden house.
    • The Russian version of the porch is a close relative of the rustic style, but with the addition of modernity and novelty. Such a vestibule-porch in a private house is necessarily made of timber or wood, has a large number of ornaments on the facade, railings, and roof. In this option, naturalness is appreciated, that is, the tree is not painted with colored paints, but is left natural, natural, preserving the natural pattern. They cover the timber only with varnish for greater durability.
    • Finnish style - full or partial wall glazing, looks good with wood and brick. There are also forged products in the design, which further emphasize the chosen direction. If the house is built in the Finnish style, then the porch should be small, but at the same time stone in combination with glass can be used as a building material, in addition to wood.
    • Outbuilding made of brick or concrete. Partially or completely covered with blank walls or glazed. Such a vestibule is ideal for a house made of bricks of the same color or stone.


    A type of closed extension is a porch with a vestibule. This is a structure of a small area, most often 3X4 meters, which provides a comfortable microclimate for the home. We will look good both with a one-story house and with a cottage. The tambour can be made as a small separate house, in the form of a square, an extension with a transition to a glazed veranda, elevated with a staircase or above ground. It is located both in the center, at the main entrance, and on the side, at the back.

    Typically, a porch is formed on a foundation. For walls, choose brick, wood, rounded timber, concrete slabs, stone, blocks, they can also be partially or completely glazed. The material chosen should be akin to that of the main building. The beam is selected for log houses, slabs. Brick steps are suitable in most cases, but wooden planks can be used everywhere.

    The difference between this construction and the rest is that this porch looks like a small room - it has a floor, walls, windows, a door and a roof. It can be insulated and illuminated and used as a hallway.

    If you are a fan of doing everything with your own hands and are versed in construction, then building a porch on your site will not be difficult. Its design can be different, the main thing is that the vestibule is combined with the main load-bearing building.


    Porch glazing can be done in several ways. It all depends on what goals the owner of a private house pursues. Currently, there is a huge selection of glazing options. These can be sliding and frameless systems, PVC, aluminum profiles or wooden windows. Each type has its own characteristics and this must be taken into account when building a porch.

    • PVC windows are the most popular and budget option. Plastic windows are warm and cold. A double glazing is used to insulate the extension. Now there is a huge selection of PVC profiles on the market, so it will not be difficult to match it in color and texture to the main building. But it will not work to completely glaze the entire porch or veranda with PVC windows without a partition, since they have a limited size (the maximum area of ​​a PVC window is 2.8 m2). Another significant disadvantage of plastic windows is their rather heavy weight.
    • Aluminum systems allow glazing a porch with a maximum light opening without any additional lintels. Windows are warm and cold. Warm ones have 3-5-chamber double-glazed windows and special inserts, thanks to which they are heat and sound insulated. Cold windows have only one chamber and are equipped with lightweight fittings without any inserts, so they are more often used for glazing summer extensions.
    • Wooden windows are a traditional, budgetary and simple option for porch glazing when it comes to single 4mm glass frames. But they do not retain heat in the annex in frost, so it is better to use more expensive wooden windows or 2-3-chamber double-glazed windows. Frameless glazing is an ideal solution if the porch needs to be closed from gusts of wind and precipitation, but it will not protect the extension from the cold. Typically, such glazing is used for a porch in a large country house or cottage.

    With your own hands

    A closed porch - although a non-residential structure, nevertheless, is an important and functional element of any building. It's not difficult to build a porch with your own hands, but you need to do it correctly and in stages.

    The foundation of all the basics is a properly executed project. It is very important to calculate the parameters, as well as take into account the size of the porch, its height , whether there will be a staircase and in which direction it is better to place it. You need to proceed from your own preferences and the amount of money. The design also takes into account the ratio of the width of the extension and the doorway. All this can be seen in the drawings, which are drawn specifically for each plan.

    After drawing up the plan and all calculations, the materials for construction are prepared and the foundation is laid, that is, the foundation is poured. What raw materials the annex will be built from depends entirely on the main building.

    A wooden porch can be made on the basis of a bar. Boards are suitable for the construction of platforms and steps, and the side posts are best made of rails. The tree must be treated with an antiseptic to prevent rotting.

    After the foundation is ready, they begin to build walls, a roof or a canopy, and they also make a kosour (bearing part of the staircase) and steps. The railings and the visor are arranged at their discretion.

    A glazed porch option is usually a concrete or stone foundation with a staircase and a canopy resting on piles. With the help of corners with a length along the height of the piles for the visor, a frame is formed. At the same time, the corners are welded to the piles and wooden double frames are inserted with glass with a rubber lining between them.

    Recently, polycarbonate extensions have been increasingly made. This material combines strength, ease of installation, transparency and ease of care. The porch has a visor along the entire width and length of the site, as well as side walls, which together form a closed structure that reliably protects the space around the house from any bad weather.

    Well, the final brutal touch is the design of the finished porch. Here you can realize all your ideas and fantasies. The main thing is that everything looks harmonious and complements each other.

    The porch, depending on the needs of the owner, the materials used for construction, the terrain and the appearance of the main building, can be of any configuration and size. The main parameter by which the type and configuration of the extension is chosen is its combination with the mansion. Everything is tedious to plan even at the design stage. The most important thing is that the chosen version of the porch should be liked by the owners and leave only positive emotions for the guests.

    In the next video you will find the installation of a closed porch made of double-glazed windows.