Sizes of a corner sofa (45 photos): small and large dimensions 2000x1500, 2000x2000, standard and individual

The sofa is a necessary piece of furniture. It can be placed not only in a cozy living room, but also in a bedroom, in the kitchen or on the veranda of a country house. Corner models are especially popular today. They have an attractive appearance that easily fits into interiors of a wide variety of styles.


Upholstered furniture with a corner structure today is in enviable demand due to its spaciousness and comfortable characteristics. The spacious L-shaped or U-shaped sofa can accommodate at least 4 people as comfortably as possible. In addition, large linen boxes are often present in corner sofas. These add-ons can be installed at the bottom, side or back of the furniture. In large versions, there can be several such boxes at once. They can store not only bedding, but also other necessary things for which there is no free space in the room.

Many consumers prefer these sofa models because of their versatility. It is such furniture that is presented today in a variety of configurations. If you are looking for the simplest model possible, then you can purchase an ordinary corner sofa without any additions and folding mechanisms.

If you want to purchase a more equipped and original kind of upholstered furniture, then you should take a closer look at sofas with shelves in the corner, sliding and roll-out structures, built-in bar, music center, side shelves.

Such specimens can be used not only as a seat, but also as a full-fledged sleeping bed or a separate area for joint relaxation with relatives or friends.

It is worth noting that corner sofas look harmonious in rooms of almost any layout. Modern manufacturers produce options in a wide variety of sizes. They can be placed both in a very spacious and in a compact room. So, a small corner sofa will look great in one of the corners of a small living room. Thus, the interior of the room will be complete and unloaded.

Samples supplemented by sleeping places are useful and in demand. Today there are many reliable, durable and convenient varieties of folding models. You can choose a worthy product for both rare and daily use. Interior items of this modification can be placed not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom.

Many owners replace large and bulky beds with folding or sliding corner models, significantly saving free space.

A corner sofa bed will look attractive and stylish. In addition, it is not at all necessary to supplement it with bedside tables that take up free space. Many of these products have convenient shelves on which you can put various little things, from gadgets to table lamps.

It is impossible not to mention the stunning design of the corner furniture. With its help, you can freshen up the atmosphere in the room and make it stylish. Today in many stores you can find a great variety of varieties of corner products. It is possible to choose the perfect piece for an environment made in any style: from strict minimalism to artsy Empire style.

Varieties of models

Today on the furniture market there are a large number of different models of angular sofas. Let's consider in detail the relevant and functional options:

  • Mostly all these sofas differ in their designs. Modern furniture factories produce L-shaped and U-shaped options. L-shaped sofas can be of modest size and can be purchased for a small room. U-shaped models are larger and have impressive dimensions. Such upholstered furniture will fit only in a spacious room.
  • Sofas without armrests can boast of an interesting appearance . The main difference between these models is their lightweight and non-bulky appearance. Most often, such furniture is bought for small rooms or children's bedrooms.
  • In many interiors, elegant corner pieces of interior with armrests made of natural wood of different shades look spectacular . Such parts can be entirely natural or have a wooden top. Such products look especially attractive in classic interiors and furnishings made in the style of rustic country or French Provence.
  • Corner sofas with built-in bars are incredibly popular lately . These functional pieces can be installed in one of the armrests or take up an area in the corner where the two halves of the sofa meet. The dimensions of such additions directly depend on the dimensions of the furniture. So, in small versions, as a rule, there are compact and small bars. Larger and more spacious models have large bars that draw attention to themselves.
  • Modern buyers often prefer modular sofas. The specified upholstered furniture can be called universal with confidence. Modular varieties consist of several functional parts that can be interchanged at the right time. For example, a convertible sofa with a right-side structure can easily be converted into a left-side model.
  • A spacious corner sofa complemented by an ottoman is ideal for the living room interior . These types of upholstered furniture are also versatile and very practical. Typically, these models consist of three main modules. These include a sofa, an ottoman, in which there is no back and armrest. Most often, the inside of an ottoman is used to store bedding and pillows. The sofa itself can have a small width, and the ottoman can be an additional folding berth.
  • A corner sofa with a built-in corner table is very useful and convenient to use . Such an additional element will allow you to place a mug of tea, various gadgets, books, magazines, etc. on it. This model is especially relevant for the living room. A comfortable corner sofa with a table will be the perfect place for a pleasant time with a cup of tea / coffee with friends.
  • If you want to create an original and non-trivial interior in the room, then you should take a closer look at interesting sofas with a rounded structure . These varieties are also modular and box-type. However, such furniture is not suitable for all interior styles. Rounded corner sofas look organic in more modern ensembles.
  • One of the most practical and relevant are corner sofas with roll-out or folding mechanisms . These copies have extra berths. You can buy comfortable furniture with such equipment for both daily and rare use.

Transformers are in great demand not only because of their functions, but also because of their compact dimensions. Do not think that corner sofas with sleeping places are too bulky and are designed only for large spaces. In fact, a properly selected version with a folding or withdrawable mechanism in the folded state will not take up much free space. More on this in our next video.

When choosing a comfortable sofa with an extra bed, you should pay special attention to its mechanism and design.

It is these components that determine how furniture can and cannot be used. There are several common and popular transformation mechanisms. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • One of the most popular and recognizable is the mechanism with the self-explanatory name "Eurobook". Such a system is distinguished by its simplicity and reliability. It contains special loops that are attached to the base of the mattress. With the help of these details, you can move the back of the sofa to a horizontal position and transform the furniture into a comfortable sleeping place.
  • The pantograph mechanism has much in common with the Eurobook . It acts on a similar principle and differs only in that during the folding process it does not require additional free space between the back of the sofa and the wall.
  • Another popular mechanism called "dolphin" is durable and reliable . Upholstered furniture with a similar design has a roll-out bottom, which must be pushed forward during the transformation of the sofa. This process takes place thanks to a special roller mechanism.
  • The mechanism called "accordion" is reliable and durable . Upholstered furniture with a similar design is transformed according to the accordion principle. To do this, pull the lower part of the sofa forward, after which it will pull the entire mechanism behind it.
  • The simple French clamshell mechanism is very popular . A sleeping place in a corner sofa with such equipment cannot be used daily, otherwise it will quickly bend and fail. Folding models are designed for rare use. Most often, furniture with such a mechanism is purchased for the rare accommodation of guests who spent the night.
  • A roll-out transformer is more reliable . These corner sofas have low berths that make them less comfortable to use.
  • Several functional mechanisms are available in corner hypertransformer sofas. They feature drop-down backrests and side pieces as well as extendable footrests. More expensive and practical items are complemented by comfortable tables, small bars and various storage systems.

Standard dimensions

Modern manufacturers produce comfortable corner sofas in various sizes. Consider the standard options that are suitable for both small and spacious rooms.

The standard length of the center part of a corner sofa is usually 230-280 cm . This indicator directly affects the width of upholstered furniture, if it is folding. The smallest are models with a center size of 200-210 cm. If you are looking for a small sofa to be placed in the kitchen, then you can find a more compact version. The width and length of such specimens is 120 and 180-170 cm, respectively. In furniture stores, you can also find corner models with a length of 190 cm.

Often the length of corner sofas is 2.3 meters. Large berths are equipped with spacious options, the dimensions of which are 2000x2000, 2000x1500, 2000x1400 mm. For children's rooms and dining areas, many consumers choose sofa models with dimensions of 1500x1500 mm.


Upholstered furniture with a corner structure can have more than standard dimensions. For example, large sofas, the overall dimensions of which are 3000x2000 or 2500x1770 mm, are slightly less common. For large rooms, large models with dimensions: 3500x4500, 4000x4000 mm are ideal. However, not all manufacturers produce such options.

Custom sizes

Today, many firms offer a service for the production of high-quality and reliable corner sofas according to individual customer sizes. Especially often they are approached by owners of large apartments who want to purchase a large-sized model with a length exceeding 3000-3500 mm. It should be borne in mind that such upholstered furniture will cost you more, but as a result you will get the perfect product that will perfectly fit into the layout of your home.

Sleeping area dimensions

Today, in upholstered furniture stores, you can buy a high-quality and well-thought-out model of a sofa, which, in terms of its comfortable characteristics, will not yield to a spacious bed. That is why many consumers choose such products.

Corner sofa beds are equipped with sleeping beds of different widths :

  • single options have berths, the width of which varies from 70 to 150 cm;
  • double sofas can have a bed of different sizes. Most often, their width starts from 150 cm.
  • triple models have berths with a width of more than 2 m.

How to choose the right sofa size for your room?

Before purchasing a suitable corner sofa, you need to measure the space in which you intend to position it. After that, you need to choose one of the corners (if we are talking about the L-shaped model) for furniture:

  • It is not recommended to choose too large or U-shaped models for a small room. In such conditions, the sofa will take up too much free space, making the room cramped and uncomfortable.
  • This also applies to the kitchen. For a harmonious interior of the dining area, the best option would be a small corner sofa. You can choose a laconic version without armrests. Such furniture will look very attractive in the interior of the kitchen.
  • A compact sofa will look good in a child's room. For such an area, it is worth choosing a model with soft and rounded shapes.
  • For the hall, you can choose a comfortable and multifunctional model with a transforming berth. The choice of the best option primarily depends on the area and layout of the room. Most often, consumers choose models in which the length of the berth is 160-200 cm.

When choosing a folding or folding sofa, take into account its unfolded dimensions.