Thai lanterns (35 photos): how to make a garland of cotton balls with your own hands? Repair of Chinese Lanterns

With the onset of the holiday, I want to decorate my home in a special way. For example, the so-called Thai lanterns can be an extraordinary solution. However, alas, you cannot buy them in a regular store. In this situation, the man in the street will be helped by the material of this article, which tells how to make an unusual garland of cotton balls with your own hands, as well as where and how to hang them better so that they look not only beautiful, but also appropriate.


Thai lanterns are nothing more than a luminous garland with thread balls. This decorative element got its name thanks to the provincial towns of Thailand, where the production of these ornaments is commonplace. In fact, the balls, which are the main decor of the future garland, are strong balls of thread, held together with special glue.

Their average size is 6.5 cm, they are slightly fluffy in texture. Due to the light coming from the garland bulb, they gently diffuse the luminous flux. Such decoration is mesmerizing, it can have a beneficial effect on a person's mood. At the same time, due to LED light sources, the garland with balls is not dangerous, because LEDs do not heat up during operation.

Such decor can decorate a room not only on New Year's holidays. You can use it for various family celebrations. They are able to visually change the perception of space, make the room mysterious and elegant. For their production, expensive components are not needed: cotton threads, glue, and balls of the right size are enough.

The only thing that can complicate the manufacturing process is a special oven that manufacturers use.

The package does not include a garland: it is bought separately, choosing the desired number of LED sources and, accordingly, the length. All cotton lanterns must be of the same size, and must have a garland without any other decoration. It should shine in a single light color. No need for colored tones - the glow will be multi-colored anyway due to the different shades of the balls themselves.

Variants of use in the interior

A garland with Thai balls can be hung in different places of the home. For example, the traditional option would be a Christmas tree, which will bring a special spirit of magic into the room. If this technique seems too commonplace, you can think of other locations for the garland.

You can decorate curtains, and sometimes cornice with this decor. It looks beautiful, and the auxiliary lighting, although to a small extent, makes up for the lack of lighting in the room in the evening. Decorating wall shelves and shelves with balls will look beautiful. In this case, the garland can not only be hung on the shelves themselves, but also laid on them, which will look even more interesting.

Someone throws a similar decor on stools, sofas and even armchairs. Others lay them on the floor, surrounding, for example, a home mini-greenhouse. Oddly enough, even a careless way of using it allows you to add a homely atmosphere to the room. Sometimes a festive dining table, wardrobes, dressing tables are decorated with a garland with balls.

Craftswomen manage to modify chandeliers and wall lamps with the help of Thai balls, they decorate large mirrors, hanging pots, and cribs. In this case, the location in the baby bed may be different. The balls attract the attention of children, as they are unusual and made of their threads of different colors. Such decor looks beautiful on the crowns of children's tents and bed canopies, as well as on the steps of stairs.

Decorating with a Thai garland of photo zones is worthy of a separate topic. Moreover, the decor can be not only strung on a garland, but also scattered over the photo zone.

The original use of the Thai garland is when they are placed in transparent glass bowls. Such decor does not always glow, but it always attracts attention.

You will learn how to beautifully hang a garland of Thai lanterns by watching the following video.

How to do it?

Making Thai lanterns with your own hands is not difficult: let's turn to the step-by-step instructions.

  • Small balloons are inflated up to 6.5 cm using a special air pump.
  • The inflated balloons are twisted so that air does not escape from them.
  • Then they are wrapped with cotton threads, impregnated with a special glue based on natural resin.
  • After the ball is wrapped tightly enough, the threads are cut. This is done with all the balls.
  • The blanks are placed in a drying (special oven) for several minutes.
  • Having taken out the blanks from the oven, take out the balloons from them, carefully picking them up with a needle or a thin hook and pre-punctured.
  • After that, a fairly dense and durable ball will remain cut in order to hang it on a garland with LED bulbs.

Craftswomen often modify technology. For example, they can use leftover yarn instead of regular thread. Instead of special glue, they use office supplies PVA, which can be purchased at school supply stores. In order to wind not dry, but glue-soaked threads on a balloon, they simply pierce a plastic bubble with glue through with a gypsy needle. After that, the needle is removed, and the thread is pulled, and it is fed to the ball in a lubricated form with glue.

The important point is the correct slot type. They should be done not only neatly, but also so that after putting on the garland, the ball sits tightly and does not move in either direction. If the slot is large, and in addition to the cut it will have a hole, the ball can slide off the garland, which is completely unacceptable. Therefore, when buying, it is worth buying balls with a small margin.


Тайские шарики – это своеобразный «мастхэв», который используют как для украшения жилища, так и для оформления офисных помещений. Его можно купить на разных торговых площадках. Но в большинстве случаев изделия в процессе транспортировки складывают для экономии места, что сказывается на их качестве. Получив далекие от идеала шары, покупатель остается крайне недовольным.

Расправить изделия до идеального состояния получается далеко не всегда. Однако более или менее вернуть им форму возможно. Для этого понадобится деревянная палочка для суши либо обычный карандаш. Его вставляют в прорезь для гирлянды и изнутри расправляют шар. Уходит на это минимум времени (примерно несколько секунд).

Если шарик, купленный на просторах интернета, не имеет прорези, ее делают самостоятельно с помощью ножниц. Расправлять его металлической спицей сложнее, как и пытаться вернуть первоначальную форму цыганской иголкой.

Стоит учесть, что лучше расправляются изделия, купленные у проверенных производителей либо их официальных поставщиков. Те, что сделаны дома и по каким-то причинам помялись, расправить получается далеко не всегда. Особенно это проблематично, если шарик намочили.

Нюансы покупки

Как правило, изделие домашнего производства не отличается долговечностью, в то время как домашние имитации тайских шаров более плотные и прочные. Китайская гирлянда может уступать по качеству изделиям проверенных марок. К тому же далеко не всегда такое изделие идеально ровное и прочное. Нередко шарики и вовсе складывают пополам, чтобы посылка была меньше и дешевле.

When buying cotton balls, you need to carefully consider not only the quantity, but also the color of the flashlights. They can be correlated with the elements of interior details, which will create the effect of harmonious infusion into the existing style. Let it be not all, but one of the related shades, but this is what will make the use of a garland in the interior appropriate at any time of the year. You can buy several pieces in reserve: by laying them out on a shelf or, say, a rack, you can create the illusion of the integrity of the design room decoration using balls.

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