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Penoplex: choosing the optimal size of insulation

For a comfortable stay in a house at any time of the year, you should immediately take care of its high-quality thermal insulation. It will help out by making the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The construction market provides a large selection of materials for thermal insulation, and each consumer can choose an option to their liking.

What are the sizes of the gas block?

Everyone strives to choose high-quality, but budget materials for building a house. In an effort to save money, people do not always choose the right raw materials, which leads to unsustainable construction. Building supplies manufacturers offer a wide variety of building materials. Today, aerated concrete is in great demand.

Houses from foam blocks: projects and construction

One of the most popular materials used in modern house construction is foam block. It is chosen by many people planning the construction of a one-story or multi-story dwelling.It is worth considering the features, pros and cons of private houses built from foam blocks, as well as some interesting projects of similar structures, in order to find out how they need to be built with your own hands.

Expanded polystyrene: dimensions and application features

The method of production of expanded polystyrene was patented at the end of the 20s of the last century, having undergone numerous modernizations since then. Expanded polystyrene, characterized by low thermal conductivity and light weight, has found the widest application in many areas of production, in everyday life and as a finishing building material.

Features of fuel-free generators

Electricity is the main resource for a comfortable life in the modern world. A fuel-free generator is one of the methods of insurance against failures and premature shutdown of electrical appliances. Buying a ready-made model is usually expensive, so many people prefer to assemble a generator with their own hands.

Attic decoration: the best ideas and work order

The attic occupies a special place in modern architectural structures. It can be found in the layout of country cottages, cottages, high-rise apartments. To give this room a fashionable look, they use various types of interior decoration, choose a design with unusual shapes and lines. The design of the attic floor depends on the building design and structural features.

Beautiful and comfortable attic: device and calculation

Free space under the roof of the house can be converted into a residential attic. This is not only a rational option to turn the attic into a functional area, but also a great way to increase the usable area. Turning an attic into a room is not difficult today. Fortunately, there are advanced technologies and modern materials for this.

Сколько кирпичей в 1 куб. м?

Хороший строитель сначала считает, а затем строит, а плохой делает все наоборот. Первым делом готовится инструмент и осуществляется расчет потребности в применяемых материалах. Важно понять, во что обойдется строение. Нужно сделать так, чтобы расходная часть была одной партии, и ее хватило. Излишки говорят об ошибках и беспо

Brickwork: methods, sizes and principles

Brickwork is considered one of the simplest and at the same time fundamental construction work - today it is almost impossible to build this or that building with your own hands without it. Although the procedure, at first glance, does not require special knowledge and skills, it is unacceptable to treat it with negligence.

Types of brickwork and features of its construction

Even despite the widespread use of modern building materials, traditional brick remains in high demand. But we must take into account the peculiarities of its application. For certain types of masonry, specific blocks are generally needed.General masonry principlesWhen preparing for the construction of brick walls with your own hands, one must show the same accuracy and responsibility that is characteristic of professional bricklayers.

Do-it-yourself brick smokehouse

Many of us simply adore all kinds of smoked foods - meat, fish, even vegetables. Nevertheless, sometimes not only the prices in stores, but also the quality are frightening. It has long been proven that quite often in stores they sell not smoked meats at all, but imitation of such products. Special mixtures make it possible to impart smoked aroma and taste to the same fish.

Attic layout from A to Z

Low-rise housing has not been associated with budget housing lately. Today, private houses of small storey most often appear in elite settlements. And designers already offer standard and individual projects. Projects of houses with an attic floor are in the greatest demand today. At the same time, a prerequisite remains the presence of a full-fledged living space under the roof, since the attic is a great way not to lose free space.

How to build a cinder block house?

Many of those who want to build a durable and reliable house choose cinder block as the main wall material. Such raw materials are famous for their strength characteristics and pliability in work. Today we will get acquainted with the features, advantages and disadvantages of houses built from cinder block.

How many bricks are in 1 sq. m of masonry?

In private households, it is periodically necessary to make an extension, bulkhead, garage or bathhouse. Brick is the most appropriate choice as a building material.A silicate or ceramic building element is suitable for different types of buildings. At the very beginning of construction, an urgent question arises: how much building material is required to build an object, taking into account the percentage of scrap.