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Self-leveling 3D floors

Among those who equip their apartment or office, 3D self-leveling floors are gaining popularity. Importantly, you can install them yourself. And the durability of such a flooring and the original design are additional bonuses.Features:For the first time, the design of the space underfoot with images with a 3D effect appeared on the streets.

Bloated laminate: how to fix it without disassembling?

For many years, laminate flooring has been one of the most demanded floor coverings - it looks decent and expensive, perfectly suits almost any style of interior and, importantly, it is quite easy to lay it on your own, without the help of workers.True, the laminate, with all its obvious advantages, simultaneously has one significant drawback - for various reasons, the uniformity of the coating may be violated.

3D floors: original bathroom design ideas

The floor is one of the important parts of the interior. This is one of the planes that, like walls and ceilings, can be richly decorated. The floor can be monochromatic or close to monochromatic, and then it acts as a surface that brings together all the components of the room. Or maybe, on the contrary, have a rich decor that will set the tone in the room, dominating among monochromatic furniture and the design of vertical planes.

Varieties of self-leveling floor

The construction market offers a wide range of floor finishes, among which self-leveling floors are popular. This coating is striking in its capabilities and has a large number of advantages.This article describes the features and types of self-leveling floors, as well as options for the interior of your home.

Linoleum with imitation laminate: subtleties of choice and options in the interior

Modern technologies have significantly improved the consumer qualities of linoleum. Today, linoleum under the laminate, combining practicality, versatility and high quality, successfully withstands the competition among other floor coverings.KindsLinoleum, including those similar to laminate, is classified by type depending on the materials of manufacture, design features and directions of use.

Choosing a knife for linoleum

There is nothing difficult in cutting linoleum. The main thing is to choose the right tool. After all, it is difficult to cut through the facial layer with an ordinary knife or scissors due to its density. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special tool.How to cut: types of toolsIf you are laying linoleum on a felt basis for the first time, then you need to choose a tool for cutting linoleum of the size you need.

Light laminate in the interior of the apartment

Light laminate looks very good in the interior of the apartment. This floor covering is successfully combined with various room design options. However, light laminate is not suitable in all cases. Choosing the ideal option for your apartment, you need to take into account a variety of nuances.Advantages and disadvantagesLight laminate has many advantages - this is what explains the great popularity of such a material.