Hanger-panel in the hallway: how to choose a wall option with decorative hooks, ideas for functional wall models in the interior

Not every hallway can be equipped with all the necessary pieces of furniture. If, for example, you can do without a sofa, then nowhere without a wardrobe, because clothes always need to be stored somewhere. In a limited space, a wall hanger in the hallway will be a real salvation. You can choose a wall model, a shoe cabinet and an ottoman in the same style, which will be very budgetary, compact and practical.

Types and designs

The choice of designs for hangers is not that big. In the usual design, the hanger is a bar with hooks, made in two types:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

Most often, the vertical option is chosen, since this configuration visually raises the ceiling. Horizontal models stretch the room in width. Designers like to decorate wall panel hangers with wood and leather, because this adds richness to the interior decoration.

In a small corridor, it will be appropriate to install a corner wall hanger . In this model, the base with hooks is located on one and the second wall. In the corner version, you can compactly fit an ottoman to make it comfortable to put on and take off your shoes. There are also models with rods, including angular ones. Their convenience lies in the fact that clothes can be hung on a hanger, if required.


The wall panel hanger in the hallway is a simple but useful item. The external performance of such a product depends on the tastes of the owner and the stylistic direction of the apartment. There are many design options: minimalist, forged, openwork and many others. Stylish hanger in a modern style will decorate the hallway. The most popular materials for wall options:

  • wood;
  • Chipboard;
  • metal.

Most often, there are models of two types of material: a wooden base and metal fittings. There are also plastic hooks in some panel hangers, but they will not last long. Wooden products are the most environmentally friendly. They can be strict or fun with carvings and decoupage. The product can be made in the form of a panel not only of rectangular shape, but also with curved contours.

The color of such a hanger depends on the rest of the furniture in the hallway and in the apartment as a whole, for example, wooden structures of the "wenge" shade are perfectly combined with gold fittings. Such a tandem looks expensive and strict. Light wood looks lighter and more graceful. Designers often resort to artificial aging of wood.

An excellent solution for an eco-style interior would be to use a driftwood with mounted hooks as a wall hanger.

A leather hanger is a bar upholstered with leather or leatherette with drawstrings and a volumetric relief, decorated with expensive fittings. It can be any color, but black, white and brown are more common, as they work best with a wooden frame.

Forged models are a separate category of wall hangers. They are usually representatives of the classic style. A hanger with a metal frame will be the most reliable option . This model endures heavy loads and easily fits into different interiors. Metal products, complemented by openwork details and artistic elements, will become a real highlight of the hallway.

The colors range from black and gold to chrome. Such a hanger can be in the form of a bookcase, braided by an interesting plant, where the leaves serve as hooks for clothes.

Interior options

Sometimes a wall hanger can become an exclusive piece of furniture. A piece designed for storing jackets, coats and hats, selected with taste and imagination, will enliven the hallway and add individuality to it.

In addition to wall elements, you can equip a place underneath for shoes. This can be a folding shoe rack and chest of drawers or a small bench. The panel hanger fits well with the mirror. In addition to performing a direct function, the mirror will expand the space. The Art Nouveau product is distinguished by an unusual, bizarre shape. Such gizmos are made, as a rule, of metal and plastic, and mirror inserts make them more fashionable.

The Art Nouveau style offers colorful patterns in the form of letters, phrases and outlines of a wide variety of objects.

A white Scandinavian-style hanger or a retro hanger with vintage hooks looks great. An unusual hanger model will not only take over the function of storing things, but will also become a stylish piece of furniture. For example, a children's wall structure in the corridor can be represented in the form of animals, fairy-tale characters, mushrooms and other similar objects. Hooks can be randomly scattered across the plane, making up some kind of image.

How to choose?

When choosing a wall hanger, consider a number of important nuances.

  • The height of the hooks should be optimal for all family members. If children live in the apartment, it is better to choose a model with two levels of hooks.
  • A small hallway will be complemented by a hanger with a mirror, and a model with a shoe shelf is more spacious in the room.
  • It will not be superfluous to check the fasteners of the model. Winter clothing is heavy enough, so it is important to make sure the shelf does not fall and the hooks do not bend.
  • A narrow corridor can be designed with a series of hooks along the wall. Such a composition will serve as a wall hanger, thereby saving space.
  • Make sure that the product does not stand out from the general style of the apartment, but is a good addition to the style solution you have chosen.

For even more hanger options, see the next video.