Radial wardrobe (73 photos): corner semicircular in the hallway, sizes and ideas in the bedroom interior, white mirrored, reviews

Radial wardrobe

    Today, when arranging their homes, more and more people prefer functional furniture, overshadowing standard products. And this does not surprise anyone, because modern home interior elements combine the characteristics of their predecessors, but at the same time they are more unusual and improved in manufacturing, both in terms of design, and in terms of functionality and practicality. A striking example of this is the radius wardrobe, which has risen to a pedestal and won the hearts of many of its owners.

    Radial cabinets have a fancy geometry with smooth and flexible curves, they are equipped with a unique device system and are considered to be truly the crown of the creation of modern furniture factories. The dimensions of the structure, its internal structure completely depend on the individual requirements of the future owner, and also take into account the style, size and purpose of the space where the product will be located. Let us consider in more detail the characteristics and properties of radius cabinets.

    Features and Benefits

    It is not for nothing that buyers in furniture stores are giving more and more preference to precisely radius cabinets. Ideas in the interior

    • The design of the radius cabinet is carried out taking into account the slightest bends and curvatures of the ceiling and walls, which is why with the help of these products you can align the geometry of the room and hide the flaws in construction work.
    • The features of the cabinet design and the variety of shapes and sizes make it possible to install the structure both in small and spacious rooms.
    • The door movement system is unique in its own way, and most importantly, it is silent.
    • Special manufacturing methods make the design of the radius model strong and lightweight.

    The advantages of radius cabinets include:

    • Versatility. Due to its flexible shapes, it easily fits into any room, the structure can be placed both in the corner and along the walls.
    • Functionality. The practicality and convenience of the internal compartments make the wardrobe spacious and roomy, ordinary shelves are not found in the design of radius wardrobes, its internal filling can be varied and equipped taking into account the owner's requests.
    • Roominess. A special storage system allows you to place a large number of things and accessories.
    • Aesthetics. The original design, laconic forms and a minimum of occupied space complement the interior favorably and even correct installation or interior defects.
    • Comfort. Convenient and easy-to-use roller mechanism for door movement with ease allows you to repeatedly open and close doors without fear that the system will fail, it is more reliable than standard hinge fasteners.
    • Rationality. Radial cabinets have not a centimeter of unused space, they transform previously inaccessible areas, such as the ceiling space, into functional and spacious storage compartments.

    Types and designs

    Radial cabinets can be presented in several forms:

    • Convex. The first type of construction is most often placed in those spaces where it is not possible to organize an area with ordinary furniture, for example, in hallways.
    • Concave. The inwardly concave shape of the cabinet visually expands the room, smoothing the corners, and gives the interior greater depth.
    • Combined. The undulating design is a combination of the first two shapes. Such products elegantly complement the design of a bedroom or living room.
    • Semicircular. Cabinets of this shape are equipped with radial shelves. Of all the types of radius cabinets, it is these ones that have the most futuristic shape and fit perfectly into modern interiors, but their disadvantage is the relatively large amount of space required for installation.
    • Corner. The most popular products among buyers have exactly the corner type of arrangement. Often times in a room it is the corners that are empty, while the rest of the space is cluttered with furniture. It is these models that most profitably save and organize functional space in a house or apartment.

    But, regardless of the shape, all types of radius cabinets are divided into types of structures such as:

    • Hull. The product is a complete element, just like standard wardrobes. After assembly, the model is easily installed, while maintaining the ability to move or disassemble the structure.
    • Built-in. This type of product is also equipped with various storage modules, its main difference is that it is mounted in a wall or niche, thus saving space in the most optimal way. The built-in wardrobe cannot be purchased ready-made, it is created according to an individual project, taking into account the space for placement.

    Let's consider the pros and cons of each design in detail:

    • Built-in wardrobes allow you to fully use the space of a free niche. Built-in models are considered the most rational products, since they allow you to use a previously inaccessible or inconvenient space.
    • These products can be made independently, which will significantly save your budget.
    • You can decorate the facade of a built-in cabinet in any direction of interior design, which allows you not to violate the formed style of the room.

    The disadvantage is that installation work is often required before installation, and if the owner decides to move, then it will be impossible to transfer the structure. By the way, it cannot even be simply moved within the same room.

    Case models are the antipodes of built-in ones, their advantages are greater mobility. But at the same time, they do not allow the maximum use of space due to the presence of side and rear panels, in fact, this also makes the product more expensive.

    Device inside

    Sliding wardrobes have a multi-level internal structure, which is equipped with various types of storage modules:

    • Boxes. The compartment with drawers allows you to store small wardrobe items and accessories, it can be underwear, T-shirts or T-shirts, jewelry. They allow you to save space, as well as keep things organized.
    • Shelves. A standard type of storage niche, most often they are located at the top or bottom of the structure, which allows you to store items that the owner rarely uses, for example, extra bedding or pillows, boxes of seasonal shoes, etc.
    • Barbells. Racks for hangers are the basis of any cabinet and occupy at least 30% of the entire storage system, especially if this is a model for a hallway or dressing room.
    • Built-in mirrors. In radial cabinets, not only the facade of the product can be mirrored, but also the reverse side of the door. In addition, there are modular mirrors that slide out at the request of the user, they can also be equipped with built-in lights. This is a very convenient, practical and stylish design solution.
    • Additional elements. In addition to the basic elements, the storage system can be equipped with such modules as a tie, trouser, belt hanger, ironing board, laundry baskets, etc.

    Modules can be selected taking into account the purpose of the room, for example, if it is a kitchen cabinet, then the storage system components will differ significantly from the same design for a bedroom or hallway.


    Although the radial cabinet is a brilliant creation of designers, at its core it has a fairly simple mechanism called the radius system. The design contains guide rails, along which, in turn, the rollers fixed on the door move.

    But depending on the location of this system, products are divided into:

    • top-hung;
    • bottom-hung structures.

    The first type of motion system is found most often in embedded models. The slats of the mechanism are attached to the ceiling, respectively, the weight of the entire structure rests on the ceiling. In this aspect, there is a significant drawback - not every ceiling structure is able to withstand such loads.

    Such a mechanism at the base of the cabinet requires installation work to strengthen the ceiling, which is why it is often used with built-in types of products.

    Bottom-hung mechanisms transfer the load to the floor, this is a universal system, as it is suitable for any model of cabinet and any room.

    Regardless of the location of the mechanism, the principle of its operation remains the same. Three soft rubber rollers move along the rails, ball bearings, together with a rubber tire, allow the mechanism to close and open absolutely silently and smoothly. The guide rails can be made of aluminum or steel.

    The second type is used more often on the lower rails due to its greater weight and strength, steel rails are also cheaper, but they do not look as aesthetically pleasing as aluminum. It, in turn, is distinguished by reliability, lightness and elegant appearance, which looks favorably on top-hung structures.


    When buying a radius cabinet, first of all, you should make sure that high-quality and environmentally friendly materials that have undergone modern processing and production methods were used for its manufacture, only this can guarantee that the product will meet the stated requirements and will serve for many years.

    The most common materials for manufacturing include:

    • Chipboard from which the body is made.
    • Fiberboard is used for the manufacture of the back wall, more often the color is selected in neutral tones - white or cream shade or in the color of the facade.
    • The structure itself rests on plastic legs with adjustable height, which allows you to visually correct floor irregularities.
    • Shelves and drawers are made of chipboard.
    • The cabinet front is instructed by various decorative materials.
    • Chrome pipes are used for the rods.
    • The radius system is either steel or aluminum.
    • Doors can be made of chipboard, lacobel, glass, mirrors, etc.

    Manufacturing material - 80% of product quality, the remaining 20% ​​- assembly. The price of the product also depends on the material. Let's consider their properties, arranging the names in ascending order of value:

    • Particleboard is the most popular, economical and widespread material, it is practical, easy to process and easy to clean. Decorated to imitate stone or wood.
    • Glass - used for decoration, the practicality is low, as is the functionality.
    • Rattan is a relatively expensive coating, environmentally friendly and of high quality, with a high level of wear resistance and protection from moisture.
    • Decoracryl is a type of decorative glass with a matte surface, durable and resistant to damage.
    • Wood - elite products are made from natural wood species, a luxurious and expensive material, while it is highly environmentally friendly and will last for many years.

    Colors and prints

    The material for manufacturing has a great influence not only on the quality of the product, but also on its design. Manufacturers have long ceased to be limited to wood or plastic for the facade of the structure, today you can often find completely mirrored, instructed by leather, decorative glass or stone cases and doors. But the most popular, bright and stylish design is considered to be photo printing, which allows you to decorate the product with any images.

    There are two types of photo printing, each of which has advantages and disadvantages:

    • Film or solvent printing technology basically contains the application of a pattern on a special film, which, in turn, is glued to the facade of the product. Solvent printing is notable for its democratic cost, but at the same time it is poorly resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, it has a detrimental effect on film and sunlight.
    • An analogue of film printing is ultraviolet . This printing method, although expensive, but at the same time is the most practical option, which is not prone to fading and color fading.

    The design of sliding wardrobes is a wide field for the imagination of both the owner and the designer. You can choose from a variety of models with floral prints, 3D-drawings, animations. There are cabinets with airbrushing, sandblasting, carving, in addition, it is possible to develop your own product design to order.

    The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and rely on an individual sense of style.

    Perhaps, special attention should be paid to models with a mirrored facade. This is not only one of the most popular facade decoration options, but also an original way to decorate your home.

    Models with a mirror

    For the manufacture of mirrored doors, a 5 mm thick layer of mirror is used, a protective film is glued to it, preventing from fragments. With the help of a mirror cabinet, you can visually enlarge the space, add more light to it. At the same time, it is impossible to confine oneself to simply installing a mirror, there are several design options that allow you to create an incredibly beautiful facade decor:

    • Sandblast engraving. This is a method of applying drawings and ornaments to glass, which allows you to create a whole work of art from a mirror surface.
    • Diamond and laser engraving. They have a slightly different method of application, but the result is an image similar to sandblasting engraving.
    • Fusing. Soldering various pieces of mirrors of different colors allows you to create a volumetric composition with an unusual pattern.
    • Combinatorics. Combination of mirrored facades with decorative elements from other materials. It turns out an original combination of textures and colors.

    How to choose?

    In most cases, the size and purpose of the space are not decisive factors when choosing. A wide range of finished products and the ability to order an individual cabinet design make it easy to purchase a model of the desired shape and design, without going beyond the budget. But nevertheless, before purchasing, it is worth considering that the most important thing is ease of use, compliance with the style and purpose of the room.

    In general, cabinets can be classified into several main groups.

    For the hallway

    The main purpose of the wardrobe in the corridor is to store shoes, household items and outerwear. A plus when choosing will be the division of departments by seasons for both clothes and shoes. The presence of shelves in the closet for the hallway is also important, it will be convenient to store scarves, hats, umbrellas, bags, etc. in them. don't look at yourself before going out.

    It is recommended to cover the mirror with a special compound that forms a film that prevents fragments, if the glass breaks, this is quite possible, because there are a lot of movements in the corridor.

    For bedroom and living room

    For these two rooms, the purpose of the cabinet is almost identical - storage of things. A small difference is that open sections are not required in the bedroom, while in the living room they are very much needed, for example, for installing a TV, other electronics and decorative items to decorate the interior.

    For children's room

    The functional features of the product for the nursery can combine not only closed sections for storing things and clothes, but also open ones, from which a working area with a table and additional lighting can be formed. You can also store toys and books in the closet, it looks especially good in open sections.

    For the kitchen area

    The storage system for kitchen cabinets has a completely different functionality, it is suitable for storing dry and bulk products, cereals, spices, dishes, etc.

    After the decision on the location of the product has been made, it is worth making measurements and going to the furniture store. Here, when choosing the model you like, it is important not to forget about the quality of the product. It is necessary to check the door movement mechanism several times, examine the case for defects, cracks or deformations, the material should not exude extraneous odors, this may indicate toxicity. Give preference to the best proven manufacturers, for this it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the reviews of real buyers in advance. Only in this way can you choose a radius wardrobe with guaranteed quality and reliability in operation.


    The radial wardrobe can radically change the idea of ​​the interior design of a bedroom, children's room or living room, write the product owners. Regardless of the manufacturer, most buyers leave rave reviews, full of joyful emotions from a profitable purchase. This is especially true for owners of embedded models. Many clients write that because of the non-standard dimensions of the niches, and often their irregular geometry, the finished products categorically did not suit them. The only solution was to order a wardrobe, and the problem was solved by itself.

    Roomy, original and easy-to-use body products also did not remain without positive feedback. The owners of full-fledged radius cabinets note that even when choosing a product, they were incredibly pleased with the prices and a wide range of models. After the acquisition, the owners did not have any comments regarding the door mechanism or the operational properties of the structure itself. Customers praise companies such as Ikea, Mr. Doors, Stanley and Hoff offer the highest quality products, unusual designs, pleasant pricing and good customer service.

    Ideas in the interior

    Sliding wardrobes look laconic in spaces of any purpose, they perfectly complement hallways, bathrooms or kitchen areas, living rooms, children's and sleeping rooms, which acquire an original and ergonomic look with the acquisition of radius furniture.

    A striking example of how radius cabinets are able to visually correct the non-standard geometry of the living space.

    • A radial wardrobe is an excellent piece of furniture for a children's room, in addition to functionality, style and unusual design, it also does not have sharp corners, which will save tomboys from new bruises and injuries.
    • The combined model fits perfectly into the modern bedroom interior, visually expanding the space due to the glossy surface and wave-like shape.
    • Although it is generally believed that radius models are suitable exclusively for futuristic and modern interiors, this country-style bedroom decor proves the opposite, once again confirming the versatility of the products.
    • From sliding wardrobes, you can create a whole system of storage compartments as in this image, where the smooth combination of the living and dining area is accompanied by a radius wardrobe, but at the same time it does not look bulky or alien, but rather resembles a decorated wall.

    How to make a radius cabinet with your own hands, see the video below.