Aviary and a husky booth (28 photos): the size of the aviary and the kennel, how to make an aviary for an adult dog?

Today Husky is at the peak of popularity, many dog ​​lovers start this breed. They are smart and friendly, but they can literally blow the house apart due to their active playfulness. Huskies are descendants of northern breeds, they endure cold weather. With the right care and attention, life outside the home may be preferable to home life. A loving owner needs to build a warm booth and a spacious aviary, then the house will be safe and the pet will be happy.

Aviary requirements

It is better to build your own non-standard aviary, taking into account the characteristics of the dog, than to buy a ready-made one and adapt the animal for it. The following requirements are put forward for the husky enclosure:

  • the dog belongs to the northern breeds, therefore, being in the sun in the summer, especially in hot climates, is painfully difficult for it; the place to find it should contain a thick shadow;
  • even under the shade of trees, it is better to make an aviary with a canopy, you can purchase a factory awning and pull it over the building, which will protect the pet's territory from precipitation, keep it clean, and make it possible to walk even in bad weather;
  • if the top covering over the aviary is highly desirable, then it is better to leave blank walls to a minimum; the building should not be in a draft, but at the same time it needs to be ventilated;
  • for an open-air cage, you cannot use an ordinary chain-link, the dog will chew it up and unravel it anyway, while being injured, but will get out; alternatively, a soldered metal mesh or iron rods may be suitable;
  • according to the rules, the building must be placed on a strip foundation, and also have a subfloor with free air circulation;
  • the place where the husky lives should be clean and dry, and in the booth it should be warm, without the presence of cracks;
  • knowing the activity and resourcefulness of his dog, each owner must think over his own fencing system that does not allow her to escape;
  • to facilitate the care of the aviary, there should be water and sewage nearby;
  • you need to think over the lighting, it will be needed in the evening;
  • the floor in the building should be made non-slip; if tiles are used, then it is better to give preference to the rough sidewalk option.

Booth types

It is not necessary for a husky to live in an apartment, a warm kennel and a spacious aviary will suit her perfectly. Booths for them are insulated, cold, with a vestibule. They vary in size, design, roof shape. Combined options allow a vestibule and an aviary at the same time. Husky is an active dog, always on the move, she needs an aviary of at least 8 square meters. m, and it is better to build a kennel for rest and sleep strictly in size.

Today there are several types of booths.

  • A lightweight structure made to the thickness of one board. This is most likely a summer option, even a frost-tolerant husky cannot be left in it in cold winters. But for the southern regions, this type of dog housing may have a right to exist.
  • Insulated products are made in the form of a sandwich. Styrofoam or rock wool is placed between the outer board and the inner plywood.
  • Dogs love kennels with straight roofs. For them, it is a viewing platform, where it is convenient to lie down and observe the outside world. Such a roof can decorate a kennel in an aviary under a canopy, precipitation does not accumulate on it, and the slope does not make sense. The straight roof is easy to open to remove from the pet.
  • Shed roofs are purchased in regions where there are no frequent rains and snowfalls. They are made at an angle of no more than 15 degrees. This allows the husky to lie freely on the surface of the roof without rolling down.
  • Gable roofs on booths are installed in regions with increased precipitation, preventing them from lingering on the roof.
  • A kennel with a vestibule is arranged in open enclosures, where the wind freely walks and the sun beats down. The tambour for the booth in winter is an additional insulation element, and in summer it protects the animal from wind, rain and heat. Feeders and drinkers are placed in the vestibule, the dog can eat even in bad weather.

A booth in an open enclosure without a vestibule can only be in a dense shade from a tree or building, as well as in regions where the minimum temperature does not drop below +5 degrees. You can purchase a ready-made kennel for an aviary.

When choosing products, first of all, one should take into account the size, its climatic conditions, the safety of the material, and only then the aesthetic component.


It is important that the husky booth is suitable for her body size, and the aviary helps her fulfill her needs for active movement. According to the observations of breeders, for an adult dog, the aviary should be at least 8 square meters, and to keep two dogs, an area of ​​12 square meters will be needed. meters. As for the booth, it should correspond to the size of an adult dog: in a small one it will be cramped, and in a large one it will be cold. The exception is Husky with puppies, which will need a larger build than standard. The dimensions of the booth are calculated as follows:

  1. the height of the animal is measured from the ends of the paws to the top of the head and another 10 cm is added for comfort - the height of the booth;
  2. it turns out the size of the dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, plus 10 cm - the length of the building;
  3. then you should measure the width of the chest and add 15 cm - the width of the kennel;
  4. the pet is brought to the door jamb and the distance from the floor to the withers is marked on it (at the level of the shoulder blades), then the resulting size is found out using a tape measure and 5 cm is taken away from it - the height of the inlet;
  5. 5 cm is added to the size of the width of the dog's chest - the width of the hole.

Thus, it is possible to measure an adult dog of two or three years of age, in which the skeleton is already formed. If a booth is being built for a puppy to grow, you will have to use the generally accepted standards for this breed: length - 125 cm, height - 90 cm, width - 65-75 cm, hole - 50-60 cm.


Husky is a sociable dog, but not a watchdog. When placing an aviary, you need to think, first of all, about the convenience of the pet. In addition, his life should not be limited to the territory of the enclosure, you need to walk with the dog, train and just communicate. Husky cannot stand the heat, he needs a shaded place, but he is not averse to soak up the sun for a while, so part of the enclosure should remain sunny. The structure should not be installed in a draft, but the movement of fresh air is necessary for it.

Ideally, if the pet's dwelling is placed on an elevated place, the view is better from there, and precipitation does not linger. A curious husky wants to watch everything, you need to give him that opportunity. The most visited place in the yard should be visible from the aviary. So that the dog does not require attention from everyone passing by, a certain distance is maintained between his home and the yard. If the dog can see the entrance to the house and the gate with a gate, it can bark to warn the owners about the arrival of guests.

Husky is endowed with a keen sense of smell and hearing. Placing it near a garage, toilet, chicken coop can lead to irritability and impaired sense of smell.

Finding the enclosure near the fence leading to the street with the motorway will be painful for the dog because of the constant noise. In addition, she can bark at people passing along the street, thereby annoying neighbors.

How to do it yourself?

The aviary and the booth are easy to build with your own hands. In advance, you should clear and level the place, prepare construction tools and materials. If the kennel is planned to be small, it can be built outside the enclosure, and then brought and installed on the platform. Sometimes they build a large room with a deaf vestibule, in several rooms, but there should be a place for the dog to sleep in the form of a small kennel by its size.


A standard aviary does not have to be turned into works of art. The main thing is to build it from natural material, without toxic impregnations, to make it warm, comfortable and of the correct size. It must have unobstructed cleaning clearance. A lining or edged board is suitable as a material; inexpensive types of deciduous or coniferous trees can be used. This process looks like this:

  1. they begin to build a booth from the base on which the floor lies - for this they cut the beams to the size of the building, fasten them together with corners and self-tapping screws; the frame can be reinforced with several crossbars, then sheathed with a board;
  2. further, at the corners of the structure, four beams are installed equal to the height of the booth, forming a frame; to strengthen between them, crossbeams can be installed on three sides, and walls of thick plywood are erected on the inside of the kennel;
  3. at the next stage, they are engaged in roofing, lay the beams on the wall frame; for an aviary, the roof can be made flat, then it will become an observation deck for a pet;
  4. further, they insulate the walls, and in cold regions and the roof;
  5. then they sheathe the outside of the booth with a board or clapboard, and the manhole is arranged on a wide wall;
  6. the roof should be fixed on one side of the door hinges so that it can be opened for cleaning;
  7. the finished building is treated from the outside with antiseptic impregnations, then painted; the inner side is left unchanged;
  8. a piece of tarpaulin is fixed to the manhole, protecting the kennel from cold air;
  9. the booth is placed in a convenient place in the aviary, stands with drinkers and feeders are arranged nearby, you can put a box for toys and dog accessories.


To install the aviary, you need a linear foundation or at least a pillar foundation. The aviary creation process includes the following steps:

  1. beams are laid on a concrete screed, and on top - a flooring of boards; the plank floor should be under a canopy, and under the open sky the site can be cemented;
  2. an air cushion is required between the floor and the ground;
  3. one or two walls are made deaf, insulated, the rest of the walls are erected from strong metal rods;
  4. the wicket must transmit light and open outward;
  5. a booth and a table with feeders are located under a canopy, in the corner between blank walls.

Operating tips

      To maintain the health of the pet, you need to take good care of the aviary, preventing the growth of fungi and pathogenic flora. The husky's habitat should be cleaned and washed often, and disinfected from insects 2 times a year. During this period, it is good to clean the aviary, if necessary, again you need to apply impregnation and paint. Until complete drying, the animal is moved to another place.

      A well-made aviary with a booth can last up to 20 years, you should only use it correctly.

      If the husky does not leave a sufficient number of toys, she will be busy with her booth, constantly gnawing and scratching it. To stop your pet from chewing on things, you can try using a special spray. An aviary built with love will make your pet happy, and proper care will keep him healthy.

      For the types of enclosures and husky booths, see the next video.