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How to choose wallpaper for the corridor that expands the space?

The corridor is the place where we find ourselves, crossing the threshold of the house. The first impression of your home is formed by the guests immediately after they get into this room. To make everyone like the room, you need to choose the right wallpaper for your corridor.Most often, corridors in apartments have a small area.

Decorating the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper

A few seconds in the hallway is the time when we, under the influence of the first impression, decide whether we feel comfortable in this house or not. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the decoration and design of the entrance area. A decorative stone or suitable wallpaper can help make a hallway functional and beautiful.

Decorative plaster in the hallway

There is a popular expression "Theater begins with a coat rack." This expression fully conveys the property and purpose of the hallway.Wall decoration in the design and arrangement of the hallway plays no less role than the choice of suitable furniture. After all, a properly selected cladding material will visually expand the space, create the right mood, convey the character of the house and even tell about the respectability of the owners.

How to choose a panel hanger in the hallway?

Not every hallway can be equipped with all the necessary pieces of furniture. If, for example, you can do without a sofa, then nowhere without a wardrobe, because clothes always need to be stored somewhere. In a limited space, a wall hanger in the hallway will be a real salvation. You can choose a wall model, a shoe cabinet and an ottoman in the same style, which will be very budgetary, compact and practical.

We select and arrange furniture in a small hallway

Modern design is presented by many ideas, thanks to which the home gets a cozy and effective look. For different rooms, depending on their purpose, a special style of decoration and decor is selected. Each room in the house is unique in its own way, as it performs a specific function in a person's life.