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Rimless toilets: advantages and disadvantages

A rimless toilet is more popular today than a rimless toilet. It has many advantages, so modern manufacturers also offer a variety of rimless models.Features of the deviceThe rimless toilet practically does not differ from the standard version. The peculiarity is hidden in a small structural change that affects the flow of water when the tank is drained.

Comfortable toilet height: what should it be?

The dressing room is not the last place in the house, the comfort and tranquility of the consumer depends on its design. With the development of new technologies, some nuances of installation and fixing of the toilet have appeared, taking into account individual factors (size of the toilet room, consumer preferences).

Installing a hygienic shower: a step-by-step guide

Fifteen years ago, having a hygienic shower was exotic in a living space. Today you will hardly surprise anyone with this device. Without a doubt, using a shower for sanitizing intimate areas is much more comfortable, even when compared to a bidet.Features:First of all, it is recommended to decide whether you really need a shower for intimate hygiene.

Features of painting walls in the bathroom

Painting the walls as a decoration for the interior of the bathroom is gaining popularity and is replacing the tile. Most people are attracted to this option by the ease of use and affordable prices. Before starting work, you should study the features of the process and the differences between the types of paints.

Ceiling tumble dryers: how to choose the right design?

Not a single family can do without washing. With the development of technical progress, this process has become much easier. However, the subsequent drying of damp laundry is still a problem. Even a few decades ago, kitchens and corridors of communal apartments were hung with ropes and things hanging on them.

Types and sizes of modern baths: from mini to maxi

The choice of a bath should be considered carefully. This is a pretty expensive purchase. If the font is chosen correctly, it will last for many years, and water procedures will only bring pleasure.Basics of comfortThere are several requirements to pay attention to when going to a plumbing store to buy a bath, such as:the material from which the bath is made;its form;bowl size (length, width);depth;manufacturer;its cost.

How does the mixer work?

The faucet is an important plumbing element in any room with water supply. However, this mechanical device, like any other, sometimes breaks down, which requires a responsible approach to the selection and purchase of a product. In this case, its features and design direction should be taken into account in order to choose the most suitable option.

Poorly flushes the toilet: causes and solutions to the problem

Today there is a toilet bowl in every house or apartment. Every day manufacturers of toilet bowls improve and complement this device. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors, and also differ in the device for discharging, draining and filling water. But there are situations when flushing starts to deteriorate.

Choosing the right toilet fittings for side water connections

A toilet with a cistern is a familiar and seemingly simple device. In the event of a breakdown, repair is required urgently, it is not always possible to wait for the master or consult with him. In some cases, you can do it yourself, for example, if the drain mechanism breaks down at a tank with a side water supply.

We make a soap dish with our own hands: types and master class

Coziness in the house is made up of many little things: beautiful curtains, a soft rug, candles, figurines and much more. An ordinary soap dish is no exception. It is a cute and useful accessory. Plus, a soap dish doesn't have to be a boring piece of plastic. Everyone is able to independently make a stylish and beautiful accessory without spending extra money, effort and time on it.

Charcot's shower: healing water treatments

The healing properties of hydrotherapy have been known for a long time. It is not for nothing that Roman baths have been popular since ancient times. Many famous scientists and doctors thought about the beneficial properties of water, about its effect on the human body. About a hundred years ago, the invention of the Frenchman Jean-Martin Charcot made a splash in medicine.

Toilet shelves behind the toilet: original design ideas

Each housewife wants to create coziness and comfort in her home, where all things are in their places. Such rooms as bathroom and toilet should not be ignored. Shelves and various bedside tables will become a convenient place to store the things you need here. Such items for the toilet can be purchased in the store or made by hand.

Toilet hose: types and specifications

Correct water supply to the plumbing fixture allows you to protect any bathroom or toilet from unexpected leaks, and also ensures long-term use of plumbing fixtures. It is worth considering some aspects when connecting water to the toilet, since this process has several characteristic features that should not be forgotten.