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How to pinch a petunia to make it lush?

Petunia is one of the most popular and widespread horticultural crops. The plant has many different varieties, differing from each other in color, size and shape of flowers. Petunia, like any other crop, must be properly cared for so that it lives as long as possible, remains healthy and looks flawlessly bright.

The best varieties of petunias

Petunias are one of the most popular flowers in flower beds and lawns. There are many varieties of petunias. Therefore, novice owners must definitely understand all the nuances of each type, and in general terms.Features:A plant like petunia owes its name to the famous botanist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

Wooden gates: design features

It is difficult to imagine a modern garden plot without a fence - beautiful, durable, protecting from prying eyes. The most important part of the fence is the installation of a gate in the entrance area. You can buy finished products, make your own, or order in a workshop according to an individual drawing.

Clove herb: description, planting and care

Each plant attracts with its original shape, color and flowering, only the best species are cultivated and grown as flower beds and ornamental. Carnation herb is an unpretentious and interesting plant that, with proper care, can significantly decorate any landscape. Gardeners wishing to grow this variety of carnations should be well aware of the features of its planting and germination, otherwise the decorative effect of the bush will be lost.

Garden ivy: features, planting and care

Evergreen ivy (Hedera) is a well-known plant. When meeting with him, the imagination involuntarily conjures up associations with the views of English mansions entwined with climbing vines. Easily twists and attaches to any walls, fences and supports, thanks to which it is widely used in creating landscape compositions.

All about indoor cypress

An evergreen coniferous plant from the cypress family grows up to 80 meters in natural conditions. Outwardly, it resembles an ordinary cypress, which makes it easy to confuse cultures. The cypress branches are flat, small in size, the crown is pyramidal, like that of a thuja. Cypress trees are native to East Asia, North America.

How is a spruce different from a Christmas tree?

A tree and a spruce are not always the same. A Christmas tree is a collective household term that denotes both an artificial product resembling a Christmas tree and a real spruce brought from the forest where it grew. Also Christmas trees are celebrations during the New Year and Christmas holidays. In a broad sense, a Christmas tree is a coniferous tree, dressed up for the New Year (it can be not only a spruce, but also a pine or fir).

Growing cyclamen from seeds

Cyclamen is a flower of the primrose family of the Mirsin family. Other names: dryak, alpine violet. There are many subspecies of this plant, which, depending on their characteristics, grow in different regions of the world, differing from each other in climate, soil composition and other features. Cyclamen is a perennial plant that allows you to grow it at home.

Royal lily: description and varieties, planting and care

Many call the royal lily one of the most luxurious and exquisite flowers. However, despite the fact that the plant is extremely capricious, it does not require special care for itself. It is enough to know the basic rules for planting a plant and treating it from pests. Features:This flower was bred relatively recently, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Планировка ландшафтного дизайна участка

Планировка ландшафтного дизайна участка доступна каждому человеку. Чтобы оборудовать территорию, которая понравится каждому, нужно ознакомиться с основными правилами создания проекта.ОсобенностиЕсли вы стали обладателем дачного участка, вам потребуется много времени и сил для того, чтобы его облагородить и превратить в комфортное для пребыва

Gazania (gatsania): description and varieties, planting and care

Gardeners consider gazania to be one of the brightest and most beautiful garden crops. This plant has lush, bright inflorescences of fiery, pink and white hues, and looks very much like an enlarged version of chamomile. In this article, you will get acquainted with the description and the main varieties of this flower, as well as the features of planting and caring for gazani.

Rowan-leaved fieldfare: description, planting and care

Today, in summer cottages, you can increasingly find ornamental plants that need minimal care and simple maintenance conditions. One of these plants is the mountain ash - it is known for its unique frost resistance, as well as lush white inflorescences, which make this plant an ideal honey plant. In this article, you will get acquainted with the description of the mountain ash, as well as with the intricacies of planting and caring for it.

Kosmeya: description, planting and care

Kosmeya is an ideal flower for gardeners who want to grow a lush, bright, tall and unpretentious flower on their site. In this material, you will get acquainted with the description of the cosmos, as well as with the features of planting and caring for this garden crop.DescriptionKosmeya (popular name - "Cosmos") - refers to the genus of annual and perennial herbaceous crops from the Astrovye family.

Beautiful gates and gates for private houses

If a theater begins with a coat rack, then a country house starts with a gate and a wicket. Therefore, it is very important to install not only functional and practical products, but also beautiful ones. But before heading to the store, you need to study this issue thoroughly.Design featuresAfter a piece of land is purchased, the first thing to do is to fence it off.

Globular thuja: description, types and cultivation

Among the many ornamental plants, spherical thuja is especially loved not only by professional designers, but also by amateur gardeners. It can often be seen in compositions that adorn public gardens and city parks, and in garden plots.DescriptionThuja belongs to the cypress family of the genus of evergreen gymnosperms conifers.

How to make an ax with your own hands?

The ax is one of the most famous and affordable tools in the arsenal of most summer residents and professional craftsmen. If used correctly, it can simplify many of your workflows, resulting in great results. An ax can not only be bought ready-made in a specialized store, but also made at home. It will not take much time, effort and money.

Features of landscape design flower beds

The beauty of any country house, summer cottage or cottage can be emphasized by a thoughtful, stylish landscape design of flowers, bushes and various plants. Today there are many options on how to make the area in front of the house memorable and unique. Flower beds will also emphasize the style that you chose when building your building.

Hyacinth: description and varieties, planting and care

Hyacinth is a popular garden plant that can be found everywhere. There are a large number of varieties and varieties of hyacinth, which have different structural features and shades. What are the rules for caring for a plant, how to plant hyacinths when they bloom? Look for answers to these and other questions in this article.

Wooden fence: beautiful fence design ideas

The hut is strong with a lock, and the yard is a fence. It's good when the neighbor is close and the fence is low. You cannot protect yourself from a thief without a fence and constipation. Without pillars and a fence is not worth it. The higher the fences, the better the neighbors.Just a few proverbs indicate that great attention has been paid to fences since ancient times.

White lilies: varieties and cultivation

White lilies are very often used for garden decoration. They look aesthetically pleasing, differ in decorative and medicinal properties, and can be components of many compositions. These flowers require laborious maintenance, but their beauty is worth it.Hybrid groups and varietiesLilies are bulbous perennials.

Mallow: description, planting and care

Mallow (mallow) is considered a popular garden plant and is in high demand among summer residents and landscape designers. The popularity of the flower is due to its high decorative effect, disease resistance and ease of care.Features:Malva (from Lat. Malva) is a herbaceous plant, belongs to the Malvov family (from Lat.

Diseases and pests of geranium

Geranium is an extremely tolerant plant. It is known for being reliable and sturdy, requiring little maintenance. However, flower health problems can sometimes occur. Fortunately, there are not many pests that geraniums are attracted to, and most diseases are easily treatable. Therefore, do not rush to throw away your beautiful plants.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for brushcutters

Gas cutters are a fairly common technique for combating weeds in summer cottages, in households, road and housing and communal services. These devices have two more names - trimmer and brushcutter. These units differ in their engines. The more expensive ones have four-stroke engines, all the others have two-stroke engines.

How to plant and grow geraniums from seeds?

Despite the huge assortment of flower shops and an abundance of exoticism, the window sill with blooming geraniums still evokes emotion. The childhood home immediately comes to mind. Grandma or mom watering flowers. An incomparable smell of leaves rubbed in hand.There is a widespread belief among amateur flower growers that geranium and pelargonium are synonyms, the names of the same plant.

Flowers similar to bells: types and descriptions

The bell is a very common flower. It can be presented both in the wild and as a garden culture. But today we want to talk about his "doubles" - flowers that look like a bell in appearance.Bell DescriptionThe flower belongs to the bellflower family, it is subdivided into many species, differing in size, shape and color of buds.

Sedum caustic: description, planting and care

Used in landscape design, the flowering plant sedum (sedum) is able to decorate even a rocky surface, add bright colors to it, and become an unusual accent in the design of the local area. The unusual appearance makes it very decorative.The description of the sedum plant directly indicates its belonging to the succulents that do not require complex care.

How to tell a cedar from a pine?

Not everyone can distinguish conifers from each other, since they have common features and can be very similar, especially at a young age. For those who want to decorate their plot with pine or cedar, before choosing a suitable tree, you should definitely study the difference between these species, paying special attention to such signs as height, needles, tree life, and flowering.

Unusual design ideas for doors made of professional sheet

Decking and profiled light metal pipes are cheap materials that allow you to create beautiful and durable fences in your suburban area. Unusual design ideas for gates and wickets made of profiled sheet will make the exterior more original. Their installation, depending on the complexity of the project, can take several days; in the simplest case, it can be done in a day.

Making outdoor flower pots with your own hands

The area around the house is a visiting card of any site. Special attention is always paid to its design. Outdoor flowerpots with a variety of plants are an excellent decor option. With their help, you can create whole compositions of flowers, or place accents throughout the site.Pros and consVases as a landscape decor, involving making with your own hands, have positive and negative sides.

Diseases and pests of hydrangea

Lush hydrangea is a wonderful flowering plant for decorating living and outdoor spaces, terraces, balconies and flower beds. Luscious green foliage is effectively combined with numerous shades of inflorescences - from white and pink to red, purple and blue. Florists care about the healthy growth and appearance of the plant, but sometimes problems arise with this.

Brick fence in landscape design

Brick has been used in the formation of barriers, capital fences for a very long time. Its reliability is so great that before the invention of reinforced concrete, only brick structures were a serious alternative to natural stone in fortifications. But people's attention to such a decision is caused not only by its undoubted strength, but also by its external attractiveness.

Celosia comb: description, planting and care

Celosia comb is a bright annual flower that is successfully grown both in summer cottages and at home. The name of the culture comes from the Greek kelos, which means "fiery, blazing". If your choice fell on this interesting plant, and you want to grow it yourself, you should familiarize yourself in more detail with the characteristic features and nuances of crop care.

Small roses: varieties and rules of care

The presence of flowers in the room and outside is always appropriate and pleasant, especially if it is roses. Often the dimensions of a room or garden are not enough to grow full-fledged bushes, therefore small varieties of these flowers were bred. The abundance of varieties makes you think about the choice, therefore it is necessary to understand the difference between each of them.

Autumn crocuses: types and features of cultivation

Every gardener wants to have a garden that does not fade with the arrival of autumn, but remains as bright and lush. Autumn crocuses make these dreams come true - these flowering plants have incredibly bright and delicate inflorescences that begin to bloom in early autumn. In this article, you will get acquainted with the popular varieties of autumn crocuses, as well as with the peculiarities of growing these unique plants.

How to prune geraniums for lush bloom?

Geranium is a very common houseplant found on the windowsills of many apartments and houses. Its delicate color scheme can complement any room style. Florists show special interest in geraniums, knowing about its unpretentiousness. But even the absence of a capricious character does not mean that the plant does not need proper care.

Reproduction of cyclamen at home

Cyclamen is a very beautiful and undemanding plant that can be easily propagated on its own at home. It will be possible to carry out the procedure using tubers, seeds, leaves or even sockets.Features:At home, it is customary to grow two types of cyclamen.European is a flower that reaches 30 centimeters in height.

Varieties of indoor roses and caring for them at home

Flowering crops that can be grown in urban apartments and houses have always been very popular. Indoor roses are varieties of similar ornamental flowering plants that are in demand among amateur gardeners. This is due to the attractiveness of the flowering rose, which, with proper care, can not only be grown, but also propagated at home.

Shrub roses: what are they and how to grow them?

Shrub roses appeared over 50 years ago. They immediately began to rapidly gain popularity among gardeners. Plants acted as an excellent alternative to whimsical and thermophilic varieties, thanks to which they became one of the most cultivated species in our country.What it is?Rose shrub (from English shrub) is a flowering shrub that can easily endure cold winters.

Roses without thorns: description of varieties

Among the huge assortment of roses, the most popular are plants called thornless. Flowers with this name are ideal for creating landscape and park areas. The article provides a description of some varieties of thornless roses, and also discusses the nuances of their choice.Features:Roses without thorns are distinguished by the complete or partial absence of thorns on the stems.

Decorative well in landscape design

A modern dacha is not just fruit and berry bushes and vegetable beds. Many gardeners make a cozy and beautiful corner from their site, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, each zone is tastefully decorated and pleasing to the eye. It is pleasant to work and relax in such a dacha. The space can be decorated with plants, flower beds, decorative figures.

What flowers look like peonies?

Peony growers love for its beautiful and lush flowers, but many consider it too demanding to care for. Therefore, in search of plants with the same luxurious buds and unpretentious in terms of content, flowers similar to peonies were bred.DescriptionToday, quite a few peony-like flowers are grown with different colors and texture of petals.

How to make a case for an ax with your own hands?

To make such a necessary accessory as an ax case, you do not need to have any special skills and knowledge in tailoring. It is enough just to acquire the necessary material and some tools, most of which can be found at home. The ax case allows you to carry the weapon with you, and also protects against accidental cuts with a sharp blade.

Damask rose: description and cultivation

Beauty, a wide palette of colors and a stunning aroma have made the rose the world's most widespread flower and a legendary symbol of love and passion. For more than five thousand years, mankind has been cultivating this representative of the wild rose genus. One of the most fragrant varieties, the damask rose, is today grown both in private gardens and on an industrial scale.

What to do if geranium leaves curl?

Pelargonium is a popular plant widely used in indoor and garden landscaping. Many people call it geranium, but from the point of view of botany, this is not entirely true - although pelargonium belongs to the geranium family, nevertheless, it is a completely different species. However, it is this name that is popularly accepted, therefore, for convenience, within the framework of our article, we will continue to use this word in the text.

How to make peas support?

Many owners of suburban and personal plots love to plant peas. This crop is undemanding to growing conditions, cold-resistant and yields a tasty harvest of sweet peas in early summer. But for the harvest to be really decent, the plants need support. Without it, you should not expect a good return from landing.

Lily: species, varieties, planting and care

Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers, very often used for making bouquets. Despite the fact that you can always find it in a florist store, it is much more interesting and useful to grow a crop yourself, experimenting with different varieties and enjoying the attractive view of your garden plot.

Overview of acacia species

The origin of the word "acacia" has several versions. One of them refers to the Greek translation - "sharp", the other - to the Egyptian - "thorn". The acacia genus belongs to the legume family, includes more than 1,300 species, and many of them do not have thorns.Such parts of the world as Africa, North America, Australia, Asia, concentrated 80% of these beautiful plants on their territories .

Features of the propagation of geranium by cuttings at home

Before considering and talking about the methods of breeding geraniums at home, you need to give a description of this flower. Geranium belongs to the genus of semi-shrub herbaceous plants. And also in nature there is a plant similar to geranium - pelargonium.Geranium has regular flowers with five petals and fruits with long tails.

How to sow petunia seedlings?

Among the wide variety of flowering plants, petunia is one of the most beloved by flower growers. It is widely used to decorate flower beds and flower beds. This is due to its colorful and long flowering. But for the successful cultivation of petunia in the ground, you need to know how to properly grow it for seedlings.

Thuja diseases: types and their treatment

Thuja is a tree that belongs to the class of conifers and is evergreen. However, it is not characterized by thorny needles, but softer to the touch greens and an original appearance, which attracts the plant and gardeners. However, like any representative of the flora, thuja can undergo a number of diseases that can have a strong negative effect on its condition and appearance .

Gate hinges: types and fastening

Gate hinges are a metal device, thanks to which the gate is fixed on the posts. And, accordingly, the quality and reliability of the functioning of the entire structure, as well as its service life, directly depends on them.Features:Speaking about the design of the gate, we must not forget even about the little things, especially about such an important component as the hinges.

Katarantus: description, varieties, nuances of growing

Indoor culture catharanthus is a spectacular flowering bush from the warm islands of the Mediterranean, bringing a special atmosphere to the house. From Greek Catharanthus can be translated as "pure, flawless". Our material describes in detail the methods of reproduction, the features of care, the maintenance of the culture in the apartment, wintering and methods of dealing with various diseases and pests.

How is chrysanthemum transplant carried out?

Chrysanthemum is a herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, it is divided into annual and perennial varieties with flowers of different sizes and colors. Compared to her, no other culture can boast such a variety of color palettes. The different flowering times of each variety make it possible to create a flower garden that can be admired from mid-summer to late autumn.

Periwinkle: characteristics, planting and care in the open field

Nature has given us a gorgeous variety of plants and flowers. Some of them are designed to cure terrible diseases and soothe physical pain, others are created in order to delight us with their beauty every day, soothing the soul and heart. Today we will talk about such a mysterious plant as periwinkle, understand its features and useful properties, and also formulate the basic rules for caring for it.

Fence mesh: types and features of choice

Many people choose a mesh as a fence for the site. This option has many advantages. It is presented in a wide variety. Before installing a mesh fence around your house, you need to carefully study all the nuances of such a design, as well as the rules for its installation. Only after familiarizing yourself with the characteristic features of all models of the assortment, you can choose the ideal fence for your site.

Metal gates: original design ideas

Metal gates are durable and strong, ensuring the safety and comfort of their owners. A wide range of modern companies provides their customers with original designs for their decoration. In addition, due to the variety of gate designs, ways of decorating them and the automatic system, the use of this product will become many times more pleasant and comfortable procedure.

Features of the reproduction of pine

Most gardeners find that pine propagation is a very time consuming and difficult task. But this is not the case. There are several ways to breed this beautiful and beloved coniferous tree.How does it reproduce in nature?In its natural environment, the reproduction of pine, like all other conifers, occurs by seeds.

Buzulnik: description, varieties, planting and care

According to experienced gardeners, without a buzulnik, their site would not be attractive and original. And this is not surprising, because the extraordinary foliage and flowers of this plant cannot leave indifferent any lover of interesting vegetation.Features:Buzulnik is an ornamental perennial plant from the Astrov family.

Terry tulips: description, varieties and cultivation

Tulips have won the hearts of many gardeners for their innocent beauty and variety of colors. Breeders from all over the world have been and are engaged in the cultivation of such flowers. Terry tulips were also bred, which look a bit like peonies.History of originBeautiful flowers, which many associate with the beginning of spring and warmth, were known in ancient Greece, and then they were transported to Persia.

Bulbous flowers for the garden: types and growing rules

The fragile beauty of flowering bulbous plants, awakening with the arrival of spring heat, delights and bewitches. During the flowering period, these amazing representatives of the world of decorative flora fill the garden with bright colors, delicate and delicate aromas. What types of bulbs are most often found in the gardens of our compatriots?

White clematis: varieties and cultivation

The world of flowers is wonderful and mysterious, it is represented by thousands of plant species, thanks to which you can create romantic corners in landscape design. At the same time, white clematis deserves special attention, which is a symbol of purity, loyalty and innocence. In order to grow such beauties in your garden, you need to know the features of each variety and provide the flowers with proper care.

Spirea Billard: description and agricultural technology

Billard's late-flowering species of spirea is able to please gardeners with lush and long flowering. The hybrid culture was obtained by breeding the Douglas spirea and willow leaf, which is distinguished by high frost resistance - this wonderful property was also transferred to the new plant. It is possible to grow a culture without much difficulty, but it is important to know the rules of agricultural technology that ensure its rapid growth and full development.

Everything about asters: from varieties to growing secrets

Today, flower growers around the world grow a huge number of different flowering crops. Among the available variety, asters are distinguished in a separate category, represented by a large number of species and varieties, notable for their decorativeness when planting alone or in composition in flower beds with other garden crops.

Do-it-yourself paths in the country from scrap materials

The cottage is used for gardening and recreation. For the convenience of moving around the site, transitions are needed that connect outbuildings, serve to divide the personal plot into functional zones, facilitate caring for the garden, transport gardening equipment and crops on a wheelbarrow, and allow you to walk around the territory of the dacha in any weather.

Geranium (pelargonium) lemon: features and rules of care

Lemon geranium is a type of scented pelargonium. It is a fairly tall plant with sharp-tipped heart-shaped leaves and a strong citrus scent. Most often it can be found on window sills in flowerpots or containers, this plant, at the slightest contact, emits a persistent lemon smell and perfectly refreshes the air in the apartment.

Geranium is magnificent: varieties, planting rules and care features

Geranium, or crane - so the plant is called for the appearance of the seed box, which resembles the beak of a crane, belongs to the perennials of the Geraniev family. Geranium is magnificent - an unpretentious plant that can grow in almost any conditions, thanks to which it is a favorite of many flower growers and often decorates gardens, front gardens and flower beds.

Snapdragon: description and varieties, planting and care

A flower with an original name and a unique appearance has won the hearts of many gardeners. Snapdragon often adorns personal plots, delighting with multi-colored splendor. You can also see him in a pots. Let's get acquainted with the most popular varieties of this culture, as well as learn about the intricacies of its cultivation.

How to make a mechanical wood splitter with your own hands?

Such a heat source as wood (firewood) has been known to mankind since ancient times, and although gas heating is almost everywhere now used, firewood remains relevant and in demand for a large number of the population to this day. However, the preparation of firewood for the winter as a source of heat is laborious, because it is necessary not only to deliver the wood, but also to process it.

Bush lilies: an overview of varieties, planting and care

The bush lily is the cherished dream of many novice florists and amateur gardeners. Indeed, the lush caps of numerous flowers in plants often referred to under the indicated name cannot but arouse admiration. However, experienced flower growers deny the existence of this type of lily, and the unusual structure of plants is explained by completely different reasons.

Saxifrage: description, types, planting and care rules

Saxifrage is a graceful unpretentious perennial widely used in modern landscape design. Attractive appearance, variety of colors and the ability to take root in difficult conditions made this plant one of the most popular and demanded among gardeners.DescriptionBased on the name of this plant, it is easy to guess about its amazing ability to transform boring and monotonous landscapes dominated by natural stone.

Types and varieties of spirea

Perhaps not a single owner of a personal plot wants anything to grow there. Everyone seeks to decorate and refine their living area by planting beautiful trees and shrubs. One of these plants - spirea - will be discussed today.DescriptionSpirea is a deciduous shrub that grows up to 2 meters in height.

Tulip Bieberstein: description of the species, planting and care rules

Tulips are beautiful and at the same time unpretentious spring plants. Most of the varieties are perennials, which not only professional flower growers prefer to plant, but also just amateurs. One of the most interesting species of such plants is the Bieberstein tulip, which grows in the wild. Next, we will take a closer look at the Bieberstein tulips, find out their description, the nuances of planting and growing.

Overview of species and popular varieties of lilies

Lily is a delicate and romantic flower that many gardeners grow on their site. However, not all of them know which type of lily is suitable for growing in a particular climate. The variety of its types is very great. Let's try to figure it out in more detail.What colors are lilies?Hybrid lily varieties are available in a wide range of colors.