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How to connect a JBL speaker to a computer and laptop?

Mobile gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. They are practical and functional helpers in work, study and everyday life. Also, portable devices help to brighten up leisure and have a good time. Users who value high sound quality and compactness choose JBL acoustics. These speakers will be a practical addition to your laptop or PC.

How to make a radio antenna with your own hands?

Radio has long been one of the ways to communicate with the outside world for people of all ages. It will be especially valuable in some hard-to-reach places where there is no television and even more so such a thing as the Internet. Any radio receiver needs such a thing as an antenna to work. It is not always possible to purchase it, but you can do it yourself at home.

Silent Microphone: Causes and Troubleshooting

Despite the rapid development of nanotechnology and the tangible growth of direct communication via the Internet, the audibility of the interlocutor is not always excellent. And rarely, the cause of such a problem lies in the quality of the connection or VoIP technology. Even when communicating through popular programs such as Skype, Viber or WhatsApp, the interlocutor's voice becomes quiet or completely disappears, which is very unpleasant, especially when the conversation concerns important topics.

How to download music to the player?

A player is a device that almost everyone has. This is especially true for young people who enjoy listening to music on public transport, while playing sports, on walks and at other moments in life. Everyone has their own musical taste, so people upload their favorite songs to their gadgets. This is easy to do, you just need to know some of the nuances.

How do I charge my JBL speaker?

Mobile acoustics from the American brand JBL are very popular with buyers who appreciate high volume, excellent sound quality, convenience and bright modern design. The high degree of protection against water allows you to take the column with you to the pool or when traveling to the reservoir. The employees of the brand have thought of simple operation, but it includes certain features.

Gray floor in the interior: advantages, disadvantages and finishes

The overall perception of the interior is largely influenced by the shade of the floor. The gray floor covering looks noble and calm, while not taking attention to itself. The range of colors and materials of the ash floor is so wide and varied that it will fit into any style direction.Pros and consThe main advantage of the gray floor is its variability and plasticity, thanks to which it can, without exaggeration, fit into any interior.

How to disassemble a JBL speaker?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to disassemble a JBL speaker. After reading our article, parsing the original and Chinese portable Bluetooth speaker will not give you much difficulty. We'll show you how to open a column and give you some helpful tips.Disassembly featuresFirst, make sure disassembly is really necessary.

Air conditioner indoor unit dimensions

Installing an indoor unit of an air conditioner is not easy to fit into the interior of a room next to a chest of drawers or above a desk near a window. Often, the installation of an air conditioner is coordinated with the changes planned due to the complete redevelopment of an existing house or apartment or in a newly commissioned new building.

How to make a TV bracket with your own hands?

After purchasing a new TV, a large number of people have problems with its compact and comfortable layout for viewing. Since there is often not enough space in the room for which these household appliances were purchased, it becomes relevant to mount the TV on the wall using specialized brackets (holders).

Layout ideas for a 3-room apartment

Three-room apartments are for the most part spacious enough, but this does not mean that the original layout in them cannot be improved. You just need to know at least the minimal subtleties of design and design approaches in order to avoid gross mistakes. Each case requires an individual solution.Building typesPanel houses of the early series ("Khrushchev") were distinguished by the inconvenient arrangement of small rooms, thin walls, very low ceilings and a combined bathroom.

How to connect a karaoke microphone to a computer and laptop?

Today, there are many different entertainment programs. In particular, for those who love to sing and cannot imagine a holiday without cheerful songs in a friendly company, there are many interesting applications for this. With the help of such programs, you can diversify your leisure time, as well as hold a fun competition for the quality of singing.

Soviet speakers: features and overview of models

Despite the fact that now there is a huge number of stylish speakers and full-fledged speaker systems, Soviet technology is still popular. During the Soviet era, a lot of interesting devices were produced, so it is not surprising that some of them have survived to this day and are pleasing in quality no worse than Japanese or Western technology.

How to choose headphones for sleeping from noise?

Noise has become one of the curses of large cities. People began to have difficulty sleeping more often, most of them compensate for its lack by taking energy tonics, stimulants. But certain moments of the origin of such discomfort can be solved in a fairly simple way. Relatively recently, a new accessory has appeared on sale - anti-noise sleep headphones.

How do I connect headphones to my phone?

Today, headphones are an integral part of the life of any smartphone owner. This statement especially applies to young people. The headset allows you to receive calls without taking your phone out of your pocket, which is very pleasant in winter. Headphones for phones are especially popular with drivers.

How high should the TV be hung?

Television is still the most popular home appliance today - we can spend our free time with our family watching television programs and follow world news. Like any device, a TV needs a high-quality choice of mounting location. Let's figure out at what height it is correct to hang the TV receiver in the premises, and what is the optimal distance from the viewing place to the TV screen.

Gray walls in the interior: beautiful shades and design options

Gray is traditionally perceived as rather boring and devoid of cheerfulness, therefore, over the centuries, if it was used in interior design, it was more out of necessity, and not out of whim.Another thing is that today all more or less standard solutions are boring to society, and there is a demand for non-standard approaches in design, so some creative people began to pay attention to gray tones.

How to make a DIY air purifier?

Residents of apartments do not always think about an air purifier, but over time they notice that it is simply necessary. First of all, it makes the microclimate in the house cleaner, and also becomes an assistant in the fight against allergies and the prevention of many diseases. The ecology in big cities leaves much to be desired, and, in addition to dust, bacteria and cigarette smoke rush in the atmosphere, it becomes hard to breathe, residents suffer, but not everyone notice side effects on themselves.

CRT TV repair

The TV is one of the most widely used devices of frequent use, found in almost every home. CRT TVs or, as they are abbreviated as they are called, CRT TVs are reliable, durable and are popular to this day. Over the years, they have truly become a traditional feature in the living rooms of many families.

How do I connect my phone to a Philips TV via Wi-Fi?

Modern models of both smartphones and TVs are equipped with a variety of functions. Each of these two devices is unique and irreplaceable in everyday life. The phone helps to provide its user with everything necessary on the go: communication, Internet, camera, video filming and other useful programs.

How to print a photo on a printer?

Printing a photo is easy. You just need to have the necessary equipment and suitable paper on hand, and also know the basic rules. Experts advise using color inkjet printers for such purposes. However, if the quality of paper images is not a very important point for you, you can print a photo on a conventional laser model.

What should I do if my TV won't play video from a USB flash drive?

We recorded a video on a flash card with a USB port, inserted it into the corresponding slot on the TV, but the program shows that there is no video. Or it just doesn't play the video specifically on the TV. This problem is not rare. There are several possible reasons for this.Problems and solutionsOne of the most popular and, unfortunately, unsolvable options - the USB input is simply not provided for servicing a flash card .

Microphone sensitivity: rules for selection and settings

The choice of microphone depends on many parameters. Sensitivity is one of the main values. What are the features of the parameter, what is measured and how to set it up correctly - this will be discussed below.What it is?Microphone sensitivity is a value that determines the ability of a device to convert acoustic pressure into electrical voltage.

How to connect speakers to a Samsung TV?

Connecting additional speakers to your TV is a great solution for improving sound quality. As a rule, standard speakers cannot boast of surround and clear sound, let alone a clear transfer of various sound effects. There are many options for connecting speakers - both wired and wireless models. With the help of additional musical equipment, you can take the viewing of your favorite films and TV series to the next level.

How to connect wireless headphones to LG TV?

Despite the versatility and practicality of modern TVs, only a few of them are equipped with a built-in high quality sound system. Otherwise, you need to connect additional equipment to get a clear and spacious sound. Most users opt for wireless headphones. This is a practical way to get the sound you need without using a large speaker system.

Russian TVs: brands and best models

On the TV market for home use, domestic companies are represented by several manufacturers. The most famous and demanded Russian companies are: Polar, Rubin, Erisson. Their products meet modern quality and equipment requirements.Features:Each customer chooses a TV model for the longest possible period of use.

Layout of a studio apartment with an area of ​​24 sq. m

Studio apartments are very popular lately. Such living spaces are distinguished by non-standard layouts, in which there are no overlaps. Their role can be played by zoning elements or pieces of furniture. Such dwellings can have a wide variety of dimensions. Today we will talk about a small studio with an area of ​​24 sq m.Feat

Why does the printer print crookedly and how to fix it?

Every user has come across a crooked printer print. This is one of the common problems. The image or printed text is not aligned with each other or with the page margins. The probable causes of malfunctions, their solutions and tips for operation will be discussed below. CausesThe printer began to print crookedly images, text, or tables.

How to connect laptop to TV via Wi-Fi?

Nowadays, in almost every home you can find a fairly powerful computer or laptop, as well as a flat TV with Smart TV support or with an Android-based set-top box. Considering that the screens of such TVs have a diagonal of 32 to 65 inches or more, you often want to watch a movie from your computer on the TV.

The computer does not see the column: causes and remedies

While using a personal computer, the user may encounter certain problems, including the lack of reproducible sound. There can be many reasons for such a malfunction, and only a thorough check and diagnostics of the device will allow them to be identified and eliminated.CausesIn order to eliminate such a malfunction, you must first find out its cause.

How do I connect speakers to my computer?

For many users, the answer to the question of how to properly connect the speakers to a personal computer is relevant. It's no secret that you need the appropriate audio devices to watch videos, play games and listen to music. However, despite the apparent simplicity, sometimes certain problems may arise when connecting them.

Why is there noise in the microphone and how can I remove it?

Surely you have encountered extraneous noise and background sounds while recording video or audio files. This is very annoying.In this article, we will look at the reasons for the appearance of such sounds, and also dwell in more detail on the methods that will improve the quality of the microphone. Causes of occurrenceAny background noises and extraneous sounds during recording from a microphone can be caused by a variety of reasons, they can be hardware and software.

Why is YouTube not working on Smart TV and what to do?

Today YouTube is the largest video hosting service that has managed to conquer the whole world. The multimillion-dollar public prefers this Internet portal for several reasons. First, it's free content for all users. Secondly, YouTube allows its users to upload their own videos and display them for everyone to watch.