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How to make a smokehouse yourself?

Smoked meat and fish are well-known delicacies. A wide variety of smoked meats can be bought in stores, but how can factory-made products from a store compare to home-made products? Therefore, some summer residents and owners of private houses who breed poultry and animals or are fond of hunting and fishing are thinking about purchasing a smokehouse.

How to make a brazier from a gas cylinder?

Trips to nature are almost always accompanied by cooking kebabs or vegetables on the fire. To prepare these dishes, you should take care of a suitable place. For this reason, many are wondering how to make a brazier from a gas cylinder.Features:Brazier from old gas cylinders is divided into several types that you can easily make yourself.

Beautiful bath designs

The bathhouse has become a traditional resting place in our country for a long time. Today it is a great opportunity to combine wellness procedures and socializing with friends. This is the best remedy for winter depression and boredom. Bath today is an integral part of most projects of country houses and summer cottages.

Do-it-yourself metal gazebos

On a hot day, you always want to spend more time in nature, avoiding imprisonment in four walls. For such a holiday, it is not necessary to go somewhere far away - it is enough just to go out into the courtyard, where a beautiful gazebo is installed. This functional addition to the site will be an ideal hideaway and at the same time a great place to meet friends.

DIY garage shelves and racks

Not a single car enthusiast can do without an equipped garage space. Do-it-yourself shelves and shelving systems can provide a comfortable arrangement of tools and parts and quick access to them. Construction requirementsBefore starting work, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for a homemade design:Reliability.

Do-it-yourself methods for making a wood log for a summer residence

Almost everyone who owns a country house stores firewood on the plot to light the stove in the house, a bathhouse, or just make a barbecue. For storing firewood, various options for firewood are used. Even if the dacha for someone is only a place for summer holidays and does not imply trips there in the cold season, firewood is needed in order to heat a bathhouse or make barbecue.

Pigsty projects: what are there, how to build and equip inside?

The main question that arises when you want to breed pigs is the placement of animals. If the plot is small, then it is most profitable to keep them for fattening from spring to autumn, at this time they do not need capital buildings for maintenance. If you decide to breed breeding pigs, keep in mind that the pigsty must be warm in winter.

Talcochlorite: features, properties and use

Many of you probably steamed in a bath at least once in your life. Its beneficial properties have been known for a long time. Under the influence of high temperature and the generated steam, the whole body is heated. But few people think about what is the secret of such healing properties of the bath.

The subtleties of the layout of the bath

Almost every Russian person has ever been in a bath. For some, the sensations that it brings are so pleasant and memorable that they are thinking about building their own bath. To do this, of course, is not as easy as it seems, because there are certain subtleties of the layout of the bath, which must be paid attention to.

Разновидности зимних теплиц

В настоящее время садоводы-любители стремятся радовать себя и своих близких овощами и фруктами круглый год. Зимняя теплица прекрасно для этого подходит. Кроме того, она может стать не просто инструментом для урожая дачника или цветочного хобби садовода, но и прекрасным источником для бизнеса (в зависимости от конструкции и желаний её владельца).ОсобенностиNowadays, a greenhouse on a private plot can rarely surprise anyone. Winter greenhouses are a special project that is equipped with everything you need to grow crops in the cold season.This is a real find: for both ordinary amateur gardeners an

Arbors from a bar: pros and cons

There is no better material for making a gazebo than natural wood. It not only looks solid and natural, but is also environmentally friendly. Such designs can be purchased or made independently. Today we will take a closer look at what the pros and cons are characteristic of timber arbors.Features:Gazebos are cozy structures that not only function as a secluded corner for relaxation and friendly gatherings, but also decorate the site and landscape design.

How to make a brazier from car disks?

It is difficult for car owners to part with old rims. What if they come in handy! And they lie in garages and dachas, and wait for their finest hour. And now it has come! There is a great idea to use rims under the barbecue. A specialist with golden hands can easily collect a useful thing for himself and will enjoy the quiet summer evenings with the aroma of fried kebabs or pilaf.

Sauna in the apartment: how to arrange it correctly?

Sauna warms up and heals, brings a lot of pleasure. Many people visit the sauna regularly and note the positive rejuvenating effect of its healing steam. How can you make the sauna accessible at any time, and so that you don't go anywhere, and not in a spacious private house with a large plot, but in an apartment?

How to make a collapsible brazier: manufacturing technology

Barbecue cooking is a favorite culinary activity for many, both in summer and winter. After all, who would refuse a fragrant and juicy meat dish prepared from the freshest pork or lamb on a non-collapsible or stationary grill. As a rule, it is installed on a site cleared of snow near the house.The brazier is useful for everyone, but it is best if it is portable.

Bath benches: types and making by hand

A bathhouse on your site is the dream of many. Benches and benches in this design occupy an important position, they weave decor and functionality together. You can make such a structure yourself. So the bench in the bathhouse will become a real pride of the owner.Purpose and typesThe bench can be portable or stationary.

Brick bath: design features

It is believed that wood is the best material for a bath. Wood has been used in construction for more than a dozen years. However, modern realities do not imply a sole monopoly of wood. The market offers many equally decent choices. Features:One of the options is a brick, using which you can implement any bath project with your own hands.

The subtleties of finishing the bath

The bathhouse is a place where people rest and recuperate. In the old days, it was used to give birth, as well as to heal colds. Today, many modern procedures have been added to this treatment. They make the human body both younger and more beautiful. Many people go to the bathhouse simply to relax and enjoy themselves.

How to make a fish smoker at home?

Most people love to eat well and often want to treat themselves to something special. One of these special products is smoked fish. Today it is absolutely not necessary to buy a factory-made smokehouse.Features:There are a lot of offers on the market, ranging from small models that are easy to transport to full-fledged stationary cameras.

Fish dryer: types, subtleties of choice and a master class on making

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The ceiling in the garage: how to make and how to sheathe

Most people consider the garage to be the best place to protect their car. But at the same time, some car owners do not know how to properly finish the coatings, what materials should be used for this. Today we will talk about how you can decorate the ceiling in such rooms.Features:Today there are a huge variety of options for finishing the ceiling covering in the garage.

Do-it-yourself gazebo from a profile pipe: design drawings

A gazebo in a suburban area has long ceased to be a gimmick; almost all hacienda owners are trying to make this simple building. It not only serves as a decorative element, but also is a place where all family members spend a lot of free time in favorable weather, they dine and cook in it. It is worth considering in more detail such a simple and practical invention as a do-it-yourself gazebo from a profile pipe and drawings of its structures.

Sauna decoration: design ideas

Regular use of the sauna brings a boost of vivacity and health. Increasingly, the owners of personal plots take into account the construction of a sauna or bath when planning the area. The size of this structure depends on the wishes and capabilities of the owner. Apartment saunas occupy a minimum of area, country saunas can be accommodated on two floors with a terrace.

DIY garage construction

Every car owner dreams of a small, cozy garage. It is easy to turn this dream into reality with your own hands by building a garage yourself.Construction featuresBefore you start making a garage, you need to carefully think over and disassemble the construction plan. First of all, you need to obtain a building permit.

Bath from foam blocks: design features

No one can deny the benefits of a bath for a person's physical and emotional health. Baths have been popular with different nations for many centuries. And now she enjoys well-deserved popularity. Many people want to have a bath complex for their personal use, on their site. Unfortunately, due to the rather high cost of wood, the construction of a classic bath is not affordable for everyone.

Small country house design ideas

The dacha is a second home and I want it to combine all the main requirements for a home. It was comfortable, ergonomic and, of course, cozy. Few can boast of large country houses, but a small one can be equipped to the envy of everyone. True, competent arrangement requires some knowledge and skills.

The subtleties of arranging a rest room in a bath

Building a bath is a responsible business. In a steam room, you do not need to carefully think over the interior. But the rest room requires a lot of attention.Features:The interior of the relaxation room in the bath should be designed taking into account the preferences of the owners. This should be a cozy space in which to relax after bath procedures.

Polycarbonate gazebos: advantages and phased production

There is nothing better than spending warm summer evenings with family or friends on your own suburban area. In a beautiful and cozy gazebo, you can fully enjoy nature, fresh air in any weather. But a gazebo for a summer residence is not only a cozy and comfortable place to spend time together in the fresh air.

Barbecue: features of selection and installation

In addition to the method of preparing juicy fragrant dishes, the term barbecue is also called the stove or brazier itself. In addition, a barbecue is also an outdoor party, an indispensable part of which is tasting food cooked on charcoal. Such events have become widespread in North America. There is historical evidence that even the first colonialists organized barbecue parties with eating meat, alcohol and shooting from firearms.

Log gazebos: advantages and disadvantages

Natural wood is rightfully recognized as an eternal material that will never go out of fashion and will not cease to be desired. A variety of items are made from such raw materials, from furniture to fences and decorative elements. Today we will talk about cozy log gazebos and get acquainted with their advantages and disadvantages.

How simple and beautiful to attach a gazebo to the house?

Recreation in the fresh air is necessary for a person, while he wants to spend it with complete comfort. The way out will be the construction of a gazebo, which should be connected to the house. It is not difficult to make such a structure on your own, because it will not take up a lot of money, but the result will certainly please, and the process of work can be enjoyable.

What are terraces: project options

Very often, the owners of summer cottages and private country houses prefer a terrace to a classic veranda. But not many people know that these two structures are significantly different from each other.What is it: featuresAccording to SNiP, the definition of "terrace" includes all structures that are attached to the main building, but do not have glazing.

How to build a shed from corrugated board?

A barn is a necessary component of almost every suburban area and household farm. You can not do without him in the country. More and more often, profiled steel sheet is used for the construction of sheds.Features of the choice of materialThe choice of a metal profile before starting construction requires special attention.

Making a change house 3 by 6 with your own hands

The change house 3 by 6 is considered a multifunctional structure, which can be both suitable for temporary residence during the construction of a residential building, and serve as a workshop, a place for storing various things and household equipment. In the summer, a change house of this size can be used to equip a bath or shower.

Sheds in the courtyard of a private house

A beautiful and functional shed, built near a private house, will protect the surrounding area from the scorching sun, heavy rain and snow. In addition to their direct function, such buildings have a decorative component.Features:Even an inexperienced craftsman, having the necessary tools and materials, can erect a simple and reliable shed near the house in just a couple of days.

Varieties and possibilities of collapsible barbecues

In recent years, there are more and more outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor activities, because such a pastime is not only pleasant, but also very beneficial for health. When planning a vacation with a warm company, you definitely need to purchase a folding barbecue where you can cook fish, poultry, meat or even vegetables.

Wooden lattices for a gazebo: how to do it yourself?

A gazebo at a summer cottage is a very useful and necessary thing: it decorates the landscape, you can relax in it, have dinner with your family or cook barbecue and barbecue. This backyard structure should be not only durable and comfortable, but also beautiful, for this you can use various decorative elements.

How to make a vine shed?

All owners of summer cottages and country houses want to make their site as comfortable as possible. To do this, they erect gazebos, install various decor items, create flower beds. Fountains and waterfalls always impress guests.If you decide to refine your summer cottage, then first of all you need to take care of the grape shed.

Garage decoration: how to sheathe the inside and outside?

Having a garage, it is important to keep it in such a way that there is always order and comfort in it. This will help you easily find any thing in it and use it for its intended purpose. Having made a good finish of the garage, both inside and outside, you can be sure that the car and all the contents of this building will be reliably preserved, which is difficult to achieve in inappropriate conditions.

Veranda: features and types of designs

The veranda is strikingly different from the terrace. Many do not take this fact into account before choosing a design. They mistakenly believe that they are the same thing, and as a result, they do not achieve the desired result. Before deciding what exactly you want to see - a veranda or a terrace, you need to get acquainted with the general information on the topic.

Homemade stoves for a bath: types of designs

Today in the construction market you can buy different models of stoves that run on wood and gas. Their price is high, while there is no guarantee that they will last long. Therefore, many make them with their own hands. After all, it is not difficult to design a stove, the only thing that is needed is instructions and advice from experienced specialists.

Everything you need to know about home sheds

Many owners of country houses dream of a covered porch. This is a utilitarian extension that opens up more possibilities than just an open and sometimes useless wide porch. For example, an area under a canopy can be made a summer dining room that protects households from rain and annoying sun. In addition, organizing such a canopy is not the most difficult enterprise.